Best Skateboard For Transportation – (2021 Buying Guide)

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Are you tired of traveling to your college on foot every day? Are you looking for the best skateboard for transportation? If yes, then I’ve got you completely covered with this article. I know going to college or the grocery store can be quite boring. If you have a good skateboard you can turn this boredom into fun and enjoy your little journey.

Apart from that, the best skateboard for transportation can help you reach your destination much faster. Consider walking to a grocery store on your skateboard. You can enjoy some tricks on the way. At the same time, skateboards can provide a better means of transportation as they won’t get you charged for parking tickets.

There are a lot of skateboards on the market. Selecting the right one for transportation can be a bit hard from such a wide range of options. Therefore, I spent a few hours and checked some skateboards on amazon. I analyzed each one of them carefully. After checking the pros and cons of each skateboard I finally made a list of the 6 best skateboards for transportation.

These are my favorite skateboards that possess fantastic features. Apart from that, these boards are faster and reliable. I’ve tried my best to make sure that you don’t face any problem during your transportation from one place to another.

So without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of my favorite skateboards.

List of Best Skateboard For Transportation In 2021

ProductsImagesRating (5.0)Price
WhiteFang SkateboardWhiteFang Complete Skateboard4.5 Check Price
BELEEV SkateboardBELEEV Skateboards4.5 Check Price
Amrgot SkateboardAmrgot Skateboards Pro 31 inches4.5 Check Price
ANDRIMAX SkateboardANDRIMAX Skateboards-Complete Skateboards4.4 Check Price
Scientoy SkateboardScientoy Skateboard4.4 Check Price
METROLLER SkateboardMETROLLER Skateboard4.4 Check Price
Retrospec Quip SkateboardRetrospec Quip Skateboard4.3 Check Price
Yocaher Beach Series SkateboardYocaher Beach Series Complete Kicktail Skateboards4.3 Check Price

1. WhiteFang Skateboard – Best Overall Choice

WhiteFang Complete Skateboard

General Specification

Deck size 31.75 x 7.88
Deck material Maple
Truck size 5-inch
Truck material Aluminum
Bearings ABEC-9
Wheels 52 mm

The first guy on my list of recommendations is the WhiteFang. I love this skateboard because of a few reasons which I am going to tell you. The first thing that I like the most about the WhiteFang skateboard is its amazing deck design.

It has cool geometric graphics that look pretty unique and fantastic. Apart from that, the deck consists of premium quality wood that makes it stand out from the crowd. It can withstand heavyweight and higher drops during your ollies.

Its deck is wide enough to allow you to put your feet comfortably. It also has decent grip tape that provides maximum traction during the ride. Traction is quite important as it enables you to perform different tricks successfully.

Moreover, it isn’t too heavy which allows you to pick it up or even carry it in your backpack if you want to go inside a building. In contrast, you can’t take your bicycle inside any building.

When it comes to trucks of this skateboard they are quite awesome from every angle. If you are new to skateboarding these trucks are suitable for you. It is because they aren’t too high for beginners and provides a comfortable riding experience.

Another reason that makes it one of the best skateboards for transportation is its super smooth wheels. They consist of high-quality material that will never give up on you for years. The 52mm wheels are perfect for conquering streets like a ninja.

  • Premium quality wheels
  • Superb deck design
  • Trucks are at a suitable height
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • I think the turning radius needs improvement

Why Should I Buy It?

WhiteFang skateboard provides the ultimate riding experience. It is tough and durable and can withstand all kinds of environments. At the same time, it is fast enough to help you reach your destinations much faster than walking.

2. BELEEV Skateboard 

BELEEV Skateboards

General Specification

Deck size 31 x 8
Deck material Maple
Truck size 5-inch
Truck material Aluminum
Bearings ABEC-7
Wheels 55 mm

If you are looking for something perfect for tricks then the Beleev skateboard can be a better option. The first thing that I love about this skateboard is its brilliant design. It has cool graphics on the bottom while a nice big Beleeve logo on the front of the deck.

Moreover, the board features an 8-inches wide deck that is 31 inches in length. It is a pretty standard size for adults as well as teenagers. It gives you plenty of room to place your feet and have a comfortable ride to the market from home.

The skateboard features a pretty decent quality deck that is durable yet lightweight at the same time. Its durability makes it the best skateboard for transportation. The lightweight structure of the board makes it easy to carry with you.

Whether you want to go inside your home, shop, or cafe you won’t have any problem. In addition to this, the skateboard possesses decent quality trucks that add to its reliability. It provides a comfortable ride no matter how long the distance is. At the same time, they are pretty stable so even a newbie can ride the board without any issue.

The next thing that I want to talk about is the overall handling of the skateboard. Now if you are a professional then you shouldn’t have any issue at all. However, if you are a beginner then this board is perfect for you. It is because the double kick along with the concave structure of the board allows better handling. It gives you full control over your skateboard so that you can enjoy your rides and tricks without any problem.

  • It comes with a double-kick tail design
  • Smoother and faster riding experience
  • Extremely stable
  • Comes with much better riser pads that minimize the wheel bite issue
  • As such no drawbacks found

Why Should I Buy It?

This skateboard comes at a pretty decent price. If you compare its price to its performance then it is totally amazing. It may take a while to put things together as this board comes in parts. Once you assemble it you will love riding the board.

3. Amrgot Skateboard Pro 31 inchesAmrgot Skateboards Pro 31 inches

General Specification

Deck size 31 x 8
Deck material Maple
Truck size 5-inch
Truck material Aluminum
Bearings ABEC-9
Wheels 54 mm

Are you a hardcore fan of 31 inches boards? If yes then the Margot skateboards are one of the most suitable choices. It is because the board comes with some outstanding quality graphics. There is a cool shark skeleton shape painted on the bottom of the deck.

The same design is available on the grip tape as well. The design is very reliable and well printed that doesn’t go off even for months of tricks and slides. Apart from that, the deck possesses ultimate durability. It is because of its 8-ply construction which can carry almost 300 lbs of weight without any problem.

However, you should be careful to protect the board from getting wet. It is because water spoils the quality of the skateboard. In addition to this, you will find pretty decent quality aluminum trucks attached to the deck.

These are my favorite trucks because of a few reasons. The first thing that makes them quite interesting is their tolerance. No matter if you are tricking or cruising around the streets. They will support your weight and keep you as comfortable as possible.

Moreover, they are at an appropriate height that prevents wheel bite issues. You can ride these for months without even hearing a single squeaking sound.

The skateboard provides good speed and maneuverability due to its super-smooth bearings. It has ABEC-9 bearings that are well lubricated and provide smooth rides. You don’t have to keep pushing all the way as the skateboard can gain enough speed to let you rest for a while.

  • insanely amazing graphics
  • Very durable deck
  • Trucks are also of the highest quality
  • suitable for kids
  • The trucks need adjustment to make it suitable for your style

Why Should I Buy It?

It is one of the coolest design skateboards that you will ever ride. It will surely make you stand out and different from your friends. Apart from that, the skateboard possesses ultimate durability, speed, and a comfortable riding experience.

4. ANDRIMAX Skateboard Complete SkateboardsANDRIMAX Skateboards-Complete Skateboards

General Specification

Deck size 31 x 8
Deck material Maple
Truck size 5-inch
Truck material Aluminum
Bearings ABEC-11
Wheels 53 mm

ANDRIMAX skateboards are also quite popular for a number of reasons. My friend “Joe” had one and he had a great experience with it. Here are a few things that you need to know about this skateboard.

The first thing that Joe likes the most about this skateboard is its amazing handling. The skateboard is built lightweight yet durable. It allows you to keep riding on the streets and in the parks without any issue.

The deck is quite sturdy and can support a maximum load capacity of 220 pounds. Moreover, the top of the deck possesses premium quality grip tape that provides ultimate traction during the ride. Moreover, the grip tape is waterproof which means you will get the same performance even if it is raining.

The next thing that proves to be a positive point of this skateboard is its wheels. It has high premium quality high rebound PU wheels. The wheels feature 95A durometer ratings which makes them perfect for cruising and tricks. However, I wouldn’t recommend starting with hard wheels as they are a bit challenging.

Even a small pebble on the way can ruin your day. I usually recommend starting with softer wheels and then progress to harder as you feel comfortable enough. Having said that, if you are a professional then you won’t have any issue.

In order to support the wheels, this skateboard features ABEC-11 bearings that are smoother to a whole new level. If you have this skateboard and know how to ride I am sure you will never be late to school.

  • Extremely smooth to ride
  • Very durable deck
  • Long-lasting grip tape
  • Waterproof
  • Wheels may take a while to get used to

Why Should I Buy It?

If you are looking for a smoother and best skateboard for transportation then this is a perfect choice. It has extremely smooth bearings that make it very easy to ride. It doesn’t need a lot of pushing on the way. Apart from that, the durability of this skateboard is of the next level.

5. Scientoy SkateboardScientoy Skateboard

General Specification

Deck size 31 x 8
Deck material Maple
Truck size 5-inch
Truck material Aluminum alloy
Bearings ABEC-7
Wheels 55 mm

Sceintoy may sound a bit childish but their skateboards shouldn’t be compromised. Especially when it comes to durability and riding style nothing can beat its performance. Here are a few things that you should know about this board if you are looking for the best skateboard for transportation.

First of all, I want to talk about its overall design. The deck possesses cool geometric graphics printed on it which looks fantastic. It doesn’t only look good but also features a strong deck. The deck is suitable for skaters of all ages and genders. It provides enough space to place both feet on the deck comfortably.

Apart from that, it comes with a free repair kit which, in my opinion, is quite awesome. You can use the kit to put things together easily and repair your board whenever you face a problem. Besides that, it is a complete skateboard which means you can ride it as soon as it arrives.

If you are a huge fan of speed this is the right choice. It is because the skateboard comes with high rebound wheels that consist of PU. The wheels possess 95A rating hardness that makes them quite faster. It enables you to conquer the streets like a master provided that you have the right skill.

Not only wheels but the skateboard also comes with high-quality trucks. They are quite stable and can absorb the shocks as you ollie your way down the stairs.

The trucks feature 5-inches in height. To be honest I prefer higher trucks but it only depends on your level. If you aren’t comfortable with high trucks the these are perfect for you. However, I don’t like lower trucks because they often cause issues on the streets.

Your wheels may touch the deck during the turning if you are riding low trucks. However, they are the most stable at the same time which makes it easy for beginners.

  • Highly affordable for beginners.
  • A perfect choice for beginners
  • Comes with hard and faster wheels
  • High-quality deck
  • You may face the wheel bite issue due to low trucks

Why Should I Buy It?

It is absolutely a perfect choice for most beginners. The trucks are lower which provides ultimate stability. Once you get used to riding you can transition to higher ones. Apart from that, it is durable and doesn’t go too hard on your wallet.

6. METROLLER SkateboardMETROLLER Skateboard

General Specification

Deck size 31 x 8
Deck material Maple
Truck size 5-inch
Truck material Aluminum
Bearings ABEC-9
Wheels 54 mm

I have the Metroller on my list of recommendations. It is another best skateboard for transportation because of its features. The skateboard comes with so many different graffiti arts. You have the freedom to choose from 10 different graphic designs.

If you are a fan of graffiti then this one is a bonus for you. Moreover, the board possesses an 8-inches wide deck that is 31 inches long. You might have noticed that this list contains almost all 8-inches decks.

It is because such a wide deck provides a comfortable riding experience as you are traveling to the cafe. The 7-ply pure Canadian maple wood gives it ultra-durability. It is strong enough to carry 220 pounds without any issue.

Another thing that you may like about this board is its waterproof grip. No matter, if it is raining outside, you can use this board to ride to your nearest grocery store and get items without any problem.

The board provides maximum traction and prevents slipping which makes it quite amazing. In addition to this, the skateboard has 95A high rebound PU wheels that make it quite faster. These wheels are faster in nature and can survive for longer durations.

You don’t have to worry about switching them as they will last for years.

  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Durable trucks and wheels
  • Easy to carry
  • Comes in cool graffiti designs
  • As such, no drawbacks

Why Should I Buy It?

It is an interesting skateboard that comes at a very affordable price. Its wheels and trucks are ideal for beginners. You will feel quality as soon as you step on it and push it to a distance.

7. Retrospec Quip SkateboardRetrospec Quip Skateboard

General Specification

Deck size 22.5 x 6
Deck material Plastic
Truck size 5-inch
Truck material Aluminum
Bearings ABEC-7
Wheels 62 mm

Next up I have the Retrospec quip skateboard on my list of the best skateboard for transportation. You may have already heard about the Retrospec brand before. If not then let me tell you that Retrospec is one of the top-notch brands for skateboarding.

The company produces some high-quality boards which are popular in different parts of the US. Now there are multiple reasons due to which I love the Retrospec quip skateboard. The first and most important thing is the overall structure and builds quality of the board.

It is a 22.5 inches long cruiser that is made of durable quality plastic. Some of you may not be very happy with the plastic construction but don’t worry that’s not ordinary plastic. It can sustain drops and jumps like a true champ without any issue.

Apart from that, it is available in a wide range of colors which makes it a decent choice for everyone. You can select the one that you love and be the center of attention in parks or in school. Another thing that makes the Retrospec Quip a decent choice is its high-quality trucks.

I have noticed that most plastic skateboards don’t come with some good-quality trucks. Moreover, if you want to make it perfect for your ride you will need to replace them with some decent ones like independent or something else.

However, I was quite amazed when I saw the Retrospec quip is equipped with premium quality trucks. Apart from that the flexible deck and the high-quality polyurethane wheels make it one of the best skateboards for transportation.

  • Flexible and high-quality deck
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Durable trucks
  • Superb riding experience
  • One of the most popular brands
  • Bright colors get dirty very easily

Why should I Buy It?

Retrospec is one of the highest and finest quality brands when it comes to skateboarding. If you are looking for the best skateboard for transportation with a lightweight design it is a perfect option. Moreover, it is available at a sweet price range which makes it a reliable option for everyone.

8. Yocaher Beach Series CompleteYocaher Beach Series Complete Kicktail Skateboards

General Specification

Deck size 40.94 x 11.02
Deck material Maple wood
Truck size 9-inch
Truck material Aluminum alloy
Bearings ABEC-7
Wheels 70×52 mm

If you are not satisfied with my previous recommendations then there is another one. The Yocaher Beach series skateboard will definitely ring the bell for you. It can be the best skateboard for transportation because of its unique features.

First of all, I love the deck design of the skateboard. It comes with a kicktail structure which makes it not only the best skateboard for transportation but also a good choice for stunts. Kicktail decks provide more control which improves the riding experience.

Moreover, the deck art on this skateboard is completely phenomenal. It comes in three different designs which give you multiple options to choose your favorite one. Apart from that, the skateboard consists of a high-quality Canadian maple deck.

The 9-ply maple wood makes it one of the strongest decks that will completely absorb shocks and provide a safer ride. You can do flips and jumps like a pro without having the fear of breaking the skateboard during the ride.

Another thing that makes it one of my favorite skateboards is its premium quality trucks. It has 7 inches HD7 heavy-duty trucks which may not be good for some of you who are just starting out. However, I love them because these are absolutely fantastic trucks.

They are durable and come in an appropriate height which helps so much in the ollies. Moreover, the skateboard also comes with high-quality wheels. They are 80A according to the durometer ratings which makes them a decent choice for any kind of road. Having that said, you still need to avoid those annoying pebbles as they can spoil the joy of riding.

  • One of the sturdiest deck
  • superb quality trucks
  • Amazing wheels
  • Affordable
  • A bit heavy as compared to other skateboards

Why Should I Buy It?

Yocaher is one of the top-notch manufacturers when it comes to the best skateboard for transportation. It has a durable deck which makes it a decent choice for most riders. Apart from that, the wheels and trucks are also of excellent quality.


Buying Guide

After taking a look at my list of recommendations I am sure you will have decided a good skateboard for yourself now. However, there are a few things that you need to know when buying the best skateboard for transportation. These things will help you narrow down your search space and allow you to select the right product for your needs.

Selecting The Best Quality Deck

When looking for the best skateboard for transportation, the first thing to remember is the quality of the deck. Since you’re are buying a skateboard for transport you need it to be as comfortable as possible. A good skateboard for such a purpose will have a wider deck.

This way you can place both of your feet comfortably without any issue. It will allow you to remain comfortable while moving from one place to another. Deck construction also plays a vital role here. Your skateboard should be made of either high-quality wood or durable plastic. But make sure to pay closer attention to the durability of the deck if it is made of plastic.

Get The Right Size Trucks

The next thing you need to pay attention to when buying a skateboard for transportation is the truck’s size. Normally I love riding higher trucks because they allow me to ollie higher. However, not everyone might be comfortable with higher trucks.

Therefore you need to choose the one that is high enough to prevent wheel bite issues. At the same them these trucks need to be comfortable enough so that you can ride them without having any problem at all.

Wheels Shouldn’t Be Very Soft or Hard

There are pros and cons of both harder and softer wheels. If you are riding softer wheels then you won’t have any issue because softer wheels can absorb impacts and usually have a low rebound. However, they will disperse the momentum more often which can reduce the speed.

However, harder trucks are faster as compared to the softer wheels but they have a high rebound. It means that there is a high chance of an accident when riding on rough surfaces. Even a small pebble in the way can turn the table for you.


Is A Skateboard Good For Transportation?

Skateboards are definitely awesome for transportation. There are so many reasons that make it a better means of transport. The first thing is that you have the complete freedom to do whatever you want.

You can do some tricks on the way to your destination to make your journey fun. Apart from that, you don’t have to pay for parking tickets for skateboards. Most importantly, skateboards are quite easy to carry and you can take them inside a building or anywhere you want.

Simply put them in your backpack whenever you aren’t riding it.

Is Riding A Skateboard Faster Than Walking?

Yes, skateboards are way faster than walking. A few hard pushes can give you enough speed to reach your destination much faster than regular walking. Besides that, the speed of your board depends on your setup. If you are using softer wheels then you may reach as high speed. However, if you are using harder wheels then you will move from block to block swiftly like a true ninja.

Is Skateboarding Harder Than Biking?

It depends on you, some people find skateboarding a bit harder than biking. It is because in skateboarding you have to find the balance point of your body. Your center of gravity keeps shifting a number of times during the ride.

You need to adjust yourself according to it. However, when it comes to biking your center of gravity is pretty much fixed at a constant point. You just need to balance the bike which the wheels of the bike provide.

The main reason behind the stability of the bike is the gyroscopic effect of the wheels. The faster they rotate the more stable they will be and vice versa.

Is It Easier To Ride A Longboard or Skateboard?

When it comes to transportation, most people prefer longboards. It is because the bigger structure of the board provides much more stability and helps you stay comfortable. The higher stability of the longboard makes it very easy to ride as compared to skateboards.

Final Thoughts

I’ve mentioned a list of the best skateboard for transportation for those who are looking to buy one. I am sure after reading this article you will have made your mind to choose your favorite one. However, if you are still not sure what to get then I highly recommend going for the WhiteFang Skateboard.

It is because the skateboard comes at a very affordable price and provides a next-level riding experience. It will last for years no matter how roughly you ride it. The wheels are perfect for conquering streets. Moreover, the deck has a cool geometric design that is minimal but looks fantastic.

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