Best Skateboard Under 50 Reviews 2021 – Buying Guide

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We have compiled a list of the best skateboard under 50 that will provide the durable quality maple deck, ABEC 7 precision bearings, anti-shock wheels, strong playability, and much more.

In fact, you might be thinking that cheap skateboards are not reliable. But several companies are making affordable skateboards for beginners as well as expert skaters. No matter which company you are choosing the skateboard from, it should have durable material.

Now you can have fun on the roadside without investing hundreds of bucks. Moreover, you can engage your kid in an enjoyable yet healthy activity. Skateboarding is better than indoor activities because it is beneficial in several ways.

We will discuss the features of the skateboard in detail below. So are you excited? Let’s start!

Best Skateboard Under 50 In 2021

Cal 7 Complete Standard SkateboardTDR TECH Skateboards 31 By 8 Inches4.5 out of 5 stars Check Price
Cal 7 Complete StandardCal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard 7.5 Inches Deck4.4 out of 5 stars Check Price
Scientoy SkateboardScientoy Skateboard 31 X 8 Inches Complete Pro Skateboard4.4 out of 5 stars Check Price
Whitefang Skateboard Whitefang Skateboard For Beginners4.3 out of 5 stars Check Price
KPC Pro Complete Skateboard KPC Pro Complete Skateboard4.3 out of 5 stars Check Price

1) TDR TECH Skateboards 31 By 8 Inches – Best Durable Maple Deck Board

If you are looking for a skateboard that is great for kids, teens, and adults, TDR is the best choice. This skateboard comes with a wheel size of 5.3 centimeters, and it has the PU wheel material. Overall, the quality is highly durable, which makes it the best skateboard under 50.TDR TECH Skateboards 31 By 8 Inches

With this board, you will have stronger playability, the wrench, and extra bearings. Best of all, it has a concave kick design, and it is ideal for all skilled or non-skilled skaters.


The 8 layer maple wood material makes the skateboard durable. What’s more? It has a non-slip surface with waterproof construction, and you will have the safest riding experience.


Additionally, it comes with the 53mm anti-shock wheels, and you will have ABEC 7 precision speed bearings. You will have soft polyurethane bushings. It has white color wheels that require cleaning after every use. Furthermore, you can add some lubricant for making the speed of the wheels better.

Bearing Capacity

In fact, the bearing capacity of this skateboard is 330 lbs. It is excellent for kids, teenagers, and adults. You will have the best gift for all skaters under an affordable price tag.
  • Pu material of wheels
  • Durable overall
  • Convenient for trying new tricks
  • It doesn’t have a long tail design.

2) Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard 7.5 Inches Deck – Best Preassembled Trucks

This cal 7 skateboard has durable maple material, and it is 8 inches wide. As well, there are numerous patterns to choose from. It has a durometer of 99A, and the wheel size is 5.2 centimeters.Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard 7.5 Inches Deck

More than that, you will have a one year warranty period. It comes with high-grade hardware, and you will have the best skateboard for trying new tricks.


This skateboard has a durable deck of 8 inches in width. Not only that, it has the 7 ply construction. Besides, it provides heavy-duty hardware and ABEC 3 bearings. The trucks of the skateboard are quite durable, and it has 5 inches trucks.


Besides that, this skateboard has durable wheels of polyurethane material. The wheels are but smaller, but you will have smooth skating with it. However, the only flaw of this skateboard is that it requires cleaning often. Without clean wheels, you can’t skate at a faster speed.

Bearing Capacity

The bearing capacity of this skateboard is 220 lbs. Moreover, you will have balance and robustness with this longboard and provide a smooth skating experience.
  • Durable deck
  • One year warranty
  • Ready to ride
  • Short warranty period

3) Scientoy Skateboard 31 X 8 Inches Complete Pro Skateboard – Best For All Level Skaters

Next, we have a lightweight yet double kick concave skateboard that will easily fulfil all skill level skateboarders’ requirements. The size of this skateboard is 31 by 8 inches. You can buy this skateboard for kids as well because it will provide balance and control easily.Scientoy Skateboard 31 X 8 Inches Complete Pro Skateboard

Undeniably, it will provide a great riding experience and comes with a repairing kit as well. You will have the fastest way for skateboarding. In case of repairing, you will have the wrench, screws, and trucks in the package. Moreover, the skateboard doesn’t have thermal transfer, and you will have a modern design.


The 9 layers maple deck makes the skateboard durable, and it has 5 inches alloy trucks. You will have a balance between robustness and weight bearing easily. In fact, it provides the best skateboarding experience to those who like to try new tricks.


The wheels will take the skateboarding experience to another level. It has polyurethane wheels with the ABEC 7 bearings, and you will have the shock-absorbing material. Not only that, it offers balanced control, and it has the smooth wheel material for gliding on the ramps, skate parks, footpaths, cracked roads, and other places.

Bearing Capacity

The max capacity of this board is 220 lbs, which is less than other skateboards in our review. However, it is great for all skill level skaters, and you will have a reliable skateboarding experience. And the good news? It has smooth wheels for gliding on any surface. It is great for the kids above 7 years, and you can easily gift without breaking the budget.
  • Premium quality material
  • PU wheels
  • High density 9 layers maple deck
  • 5inch alloy trucks
  • Less weight bearing capacity

4) Whitefang Skateboard For Beginners – Best Pattern With Durable Quality

This skateboard is designed for beginners, and you will have the double kicking concave. Furthermore, it has customized emery that will give a locking feel to the skateboard. With this board, you can learn new tricks, but it is not suitable for riding very fast.Whitefang Skateboard For Beginners

It comes with one minimalistic color design, and it has a print that lasts much longer. Besides, the longboard doesn’t require assembly, and you can immediately use it. You will have excellent service from the company after the shipment as well.


This longboard is durable, and it has seven layers of Canadian maple deck board. What’s more? The dimensions of this deck are 31.75 by 7.88 inches. It will provide a balance between the user’s weight as well as durability.


The skateboard wheels have high rebound PU wheels of 95A, and it has aquick response. Additionally, you will have a convenient way to skate on the park and roadside. It will glide smoothly. The wheels are durable and shock absorbing for a safer and smoother ride.

Bearing Capacity

The bearing capacity is 330 pounds, and you will have the 5 alloy trucks. As well, it is a reliable skateboard for all skill level skaters. Best of all, it comes with the non-slip grip tape to keep the feet stable. It is reliable, which makes it the best skateboard under 50.
  • Smooth wheel skateboard
  • High rebound PU bushing
  • ABEC precision 9 bearings
  • Not for the fast riders

5) KPC Pro Complete Skateboard – Best Black Grip Tape

Lastly, this KPC pro skateboard comes with the fantastic high-rating on amazon. It has durable quality and 8-inch dynasty theme. There is a  huge variety available in its design. You will have vibrant colors to choose from.KPC Pro Complete Skateboard

This deck will attract others, and it has 7 ply maple wood design, and you will have aluminum trucks, and it will not let the wheels vibrate. Moreover, this longboard has the graphics design on the backside of the deck too.


Do you know what makes this longboard durable? It has a 7-ply maple wood construction. You will have a flexible board with a strong grip at the same time. Besides, it comes with the 80 AB grip tape, and your feet will not slip. More than that, it comes with various traction riders, and you will have convenience in balancing the board.


The wheels of this longboard are made of PU material, and it has a rating of 100A. With this skateboard, you will have a higher resistance against tearing. Furthermore, it will easily roll over the pebbles and all the cracks on the road. Moreover, you will choose to loosen the wheel nuts, making the skateboard even smoother.

Bearing Capacity

The bearing capacity of this skateboard is 180 lbs. In addition, this has the cast aluminum material with padding in between. Not only that, it has a lightweight material and lasts longer due to resistance against deterioration. In fact, it comes with rising pads, and you will have vibration isolation with HR 95A brushings.
  • Durable polyurethane wheels
  • HR95A brushings
  • Aluminium trucks and a wide range of designs
  • The length is short for some users.


Is A Skateboard With The 50 Dollars’ Worth Buying?

Yes, a skateboard under $50 is worth buying if it has a durable deck. You will find the top-quality maple deck skateboard in our guide. Not only that, the skateboards will last longer and help the skater to skate faster because of the urethane wheels.

What Is The Correct Age For Starting The Skateboarding?

The best age for starting skateboarding is 5 years. As per the recommendation of AAP American academy, kids should start skating after 5 years but under adults’ supervision.

How To Skate Faster With The Skateboard?

You can skate faster with the skateboard if it has larger wheels. You will have the longboard with a 70mm wheel size for faster skating. Other than that, the regular skateboards come ina 58mm size. Besides, you can lubricate the skateboard bearings for a faster riding experience.

Which Are The Best Skateboards Under 50?

The best skateboards under 50 are the following:

  • KPC Pro Complete Skateboard – Best Black Grip Tape
  • TDR TECH Skateboards 31 By 8 Inches – Best Durable Maple Deck Board
  • Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard 7.5 Inches Deck – Best Preassembled Trucks
  • Scientoy Skateboard 31 X 8 Inches Complete Pro Skateboard – Best For All Level Skaters

Is It Convenient To Make A Skateboard At Home?

The skateboard comes preassembled, and they are great for beginners, but if you are making it at home, it will cost higher. You have to buy the wheels, bearings, as well as trucks of good quality for the DIY skateboard. Moreover, you will need grip tape for securing the footpad.

Does Skateboarding Burns Calories?

Skateboarding definitely burns calories, and it will tone the leg muscles. Indeed, skateboarding is a fun way of riding and losing weight at the same time.

To Sum Up

You can choose any of the skateboards under 50, and it will be best for all the beginner riders. Not only that, the adults and the young riders can rely on the skateboards that have an affordable price.

The weight carrying capacity should be considered so you don’t get in trouble later. The skateboards in our guide meet the performance parameters, and you will have a great quality deck with all of them. However, if you want to have a faster speed while riding the skateboard, it should have the standard size.

You must have chosen a skateboard for yourself or your kid until now.

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