Best Skateboards For Rough Roads – Latest Review 2021

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Are you looking for the best skateboards for rough roads? If yes, then don’t worry as I completely covered you with my article. I know how hard it can be when selecting the right type of skateboard for rough roads.

Especially when there are so many available options, it becomes overwhelming. However, to avoid such a situation, I researched the topic. As a result, here is a list of the best skateboards for rough roads.

Not all skateboards are compatible with rough roads because of certain limitations. First of all, your skateboard’s wheels matter a lot. If they aren’t suitable for rough roads, chances are you aren’t going to enjoy riding much. Apart from that, the skateboard deck and trucks should also be reliable for such situations.

As on rough roads, you will face many bumps, so you’ll need to choose accordingly. For your convenience, I have divided this article into two different sections. The first section covers the top 10 best skateboards for rough road reviews.

The next section is a buyer’s guide, which describes what points to look for when buying the best skateboard for rough terrain. So without any further ado, let us take a look at the list.

List of Best Skateboards For Rough Roads

Below are the top 10 best skateboards for rough terrain that may fulfill your requirements. I have listed each one of them after doing much research on them. However, this is my opinion only, and this list doesn’t represent the actual ranking of these boards.

ProductsImagesRating (5.0)Price
ToyerBee SkateboardsToyerBee Skateboards with A Repair Kit4.5 Check Price
LCSA SkateboardLSCA Skateboard4.5 Check Price
WHOJS SkateboardWHOJS Skateboard4.5 Check Price
MINORITY 32inchMINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard4.4 Check Price
ReDo SkateboardReDo Skateboard4.4 Check Price
X Free SkateboardsX Free Skateboards 31 Inches Complete Skateboards4.4 Check Price
YF YOUFU CompleteYF YOUFU Complete Skateboards, 31 inch Pro Skateboard for4.4 Check Price
WhiteFang SkateboardsWhiteFang Skateboards4.3 Check Price
Powell Golden DragonPowell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon4.3 Check Price

1. ToyerBee Skateboards – My Middle Option

ToyerBee Skateboards with A Repair Kit

General Specification

Deck Size 31″x 8″
Material Wood, Aluminum, Maple
Durometer Hardness 95A
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Load Capacity 220 Pounds
Age Range 7 years and up
Bearings ABEC-7
Trucks 5-inch seagull solid aluminum trucks

ToyerBee is one of the most popular brands for skateboards. It is because they produce the right type of boards that matches everyone’s requirements. Their product quality is the primary reason for its popularity.

The ToyerBee skateboard is an 8-inch skateboard with a small concave deck design. This board is pretty good for professional skaters and some newbies who just want to step into action.

I love the ToyerBee skateboard for its durable deck and premium quality wheels. Moreover, it comes with a full repair kit that allows you to set and adjust the board without any issue.

The mild concave and double kick deck design allow a better handling experience. Now you might already know that double kick designs are superb for stunts. Anyways if you aren’t buying it for action, it is still a perfect choice.

Another feature that makes it one of the best skateboards for rough roads is its versatile nature. I have seen both boys and girls riding it without any issue, and it is quite perfect for both genders. If you are someone like “Jack” who is more concerned about the design on the deck, then this is, by all means, a better option.

It is because the ToyerBee uses thermal transfer technology for painting their skateboard decks. It gives the skateboard an entirely professional and minimal look. Apart from that, the three layers of paint keep the board’s pattern for a longer duration.

It isn’t something that will fade away with use. Another feature that makes it my favorite skateboard is its wheels. Now, of course, wheels and trucks are the most critical parts of any skateboard. The ToyerBee uses 55mm 95A PU wheels on their skateboards with a combination of ABEC-7 bearings.

For those who aren’t very familiar, this combo is pretty deadly for rough roads. It makes rough road skateboarding pretty easy and comfortable despite the vigorous vibrations on bumpy roads.

  • Highly durable deck
  • A superb quality paint job
  • Can support weight up to 440lbs
  • Ideal for streets and rough roads
  • 55mm wheels with ABEC-7 bearings.
  • 5-inch seagull solid trucks
  • The trucks still need improvement.

Why Should I Buy This?

It has a very durable deck that allows you to ride it freely without any issue. Apart from that, the board comes with extremely awesome wheels that are highly recommended for rough roads.

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2. LCSA Skateboard – Best For Durability

LSCA Skateboard

General Specification

Deck Size 32″x8″
Material Maple Wood
Durometer Hardness 80A
Wheel Material PU
Load Capacity 300 lbs
Age Range 12 and above
Bearings ABEC- 9
Trucks 5-inch aluminum

Suppose you are fond of anime characters, then this might be a perfect choice for you. During my research, I found the LSCA skateboard. When I analyzed its features, I found it quite a fantastic skateboard. Now I love this skateboard because of so many cool features.

First of all, this skateboard is available in so many cool anime character designs that allow you to choose your favorite. Apart from that, if you look at this perfect board deck, you will fall in love with it. It consists of 7 layers of maple, making it quite sturdy and reliable for even rough roads.

Another cool feature is its double kick concave deck. It makes the skateboard highly efficient for throwing some stylish stunts as such a design gives you complete control of the board. Now another reason I like this skateboard is that it comes with 52mm Poly Urethane wheels.

The wheels have a durometer of 95mm, which makes them quite impressive for streets and rough roads. Apart from that, the ABEC-9 precision bearings are incredibly excellent, and they can handle all kinds of challenges. If you are a professional skateboarder, you will experience how good the 95A high rebound PU bushing is.

It enhances the skateboard’s capabilities and makes it a fantastic tool for gliding on even rough roads. Another feature that makes it one of the best skateboards for rough roads is its versatile nature.

You can use this board for many different applications, including commuting, skate parks, ramps, pools, etc. If you are a heavy rider like “Tom,” let me tell you something interesting. This skateboard has a deck that can bear a load of up to 220 pounds, which means you can ride it without any issue.

However, if you are a bit heavier than that, then you should work on your weight. I am not talking about skateboards but in general. According to the momentum rule, the massive you get, the more momentum you’ll have.

Imagine you are riding a faster board like the LCSA and having a more massive body. You are adding two more significant numbers to the equation. With that much momentum, you’ll surely break your body parts in case of accidents.

  • Doesn’t requires assembly
  • Faster
  • High-quality deck construction
  • Suitable for beginners
  • The trucks need improvement for heavy riders

Why Should I Buy This?

It comes pre-build which means you don’t need to spend time putting it together. Apart from that, the wheels and bearings of the board make it much faster.

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3. WHOJS Skateboard – Best For Speed

WHOJS Skateboard

General Specification

Deck Size 31″x8″
Material Canadian maple wood
Durometer Hardness 95A
Wheel Material PU
Load Capacity 330 Lbs
Age Range 5 years and above
Bearings ABEC-9
Trucks 5-inch aluminum

Next up, I have the WHOJS Skateboard for you on the list. Now some cool features made me include them in the list. The first thing that I like the most about this board its minimal paint job. I am a huge fan of minimal designs because they look quite attractive.

However, this isn’t the only reason for which I like this board. It comes with a fantastic carrying bag that allows you to carry it with you anywhere you want. I couldn’t take my skateboard with me during my college days because I didn’t have a carrying bag. I made myself a DIY carrying case for my skateboard. Though it worked for me, it made my college bag look so ugly.

Later I came to know that there are specialized backpacks for skateboards. It has a very durable deck, which consists of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood. It makes the skateboard quite durable and sturdy for different situations.

The maximum load capacity of this board is about 330 lbs, which is perfect for heavy riders. Moreover, it has a glitter and sandpaper surface, which provides maximum traction. Such a rough surface proves quite useful for ollies and other tricks that involve jumping.

Another feature of the WHOJS skateboard is its high-quality PU wheels. They make the skateboard glide smoothly on rough roads, making you a street ninja.

No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro skater, this board is perfect for everyone. I started with the RD street skateboard myself. When I looked at it for the first time, I thought this board might not survive for long.

It is because the place where I live is full of bumps and rough surfaces. However, it surprised me with its performance. My friend Jack has used it for like two years, and he never complained about it. At the same time, my RD street gave up on the 6th month.

  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Perfect for all skating styles
  • highly durable
  • The 7-layered deck can support 330 lbs
  • ● The wheels aren’t as good as ToyerBee

Why should I Buy This?

This board is suitable for both girls and boys. In addition to this, the board allows you to ride it freely as it possesses a highly durable deck. It is suitable for heavy riders too.

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4. MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard My Best Overall Option

MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

General Specification

Deck Size 32”x8”
Material Maple wood
Durometer Hardness 100A
Wheel Material PU
Load Capacity 220 lbs
Age Range 8 years and above
Bearings ABEC-9
Trucks 5 inches Aluminum alloy

The minority is another famous brand for skateboards and accessories. I love their skateboards because of their deck arts. Minority skateboards are different from the crowd due to several features they have. The first thing that I like is the high-quality deck construction. Apart from having fantastic art on it, the deck is quite durable.

It consists of 7 layers of pure Canadian maple wood that makes it glide through the streets like a king. However, it can support a maximum weight of 220 lbs, which is less than the WHOJS skateboard.

But I don’t have any complaints about it because it can carry my weight quite efficiently. If you are looking for a skateboard for tricks, then this is a perfect option for you. It is because of its mediate concave structure. Such a system gives you full control over your board.

Another great feature of this fantastic board is its aluminum alloy trucks. Now, these aren’t regular trucks as they can afford drops and tricks without any issue. The aluminum alloy is strong enough to take those vigorous vibrations on the rough roads.

Apart from that, the carbon steel kingpin adds to its performance and maximizes its output. Not only it has excellent kingpin and trucks, but the 78A high rebound bushing is something that makes an effective combo.

When it comes to speed, the Minority 32 inch skateboard is a masterpiece. It is because the high-quality ABEC-9 bearing of the board allows it to glide smoothly even on rough roads. It is compatible with 52mm wheels of 10A durometer ratings.

This will surely help in ruling the streets like an urban ninja. Last but not least, it comes in a fantastic graphics range, which gives you an option to select your favorite one.

  • Softer wheels
  • Perfect for streets and parks
  • Highly reliable trucks
  • Reliable performance due to concave design
  • Not suitable for kids under 6

Why Should I Buy This?

It comes with softer wheels that give it max potential on the streets. You don’t have to worry about pebbles laying on the road as the wheels will absorb the impact and prevent accidents.

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5. ReDo Skateboard – My Best Budget OptionReDo Skateboard

General Specification

Deck Size 28”x8”
Material Polyurethane, Steel
Durometer Hardness 80A
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Load Capacity 210 lbs
Age Range 5 and above
Bearings ABEC-3
Trucks 5-inch aluminum

ReDo is another most popular brand when it comes to skateboarding on bumpy roads. It has so many features that help it withstand all kinds of challenges outside. The first thing that I like the most about this skateboard is its deck design. It consists of 8-ply maple sheets that provide an extreme level of sturdiness to the board.

No matter how big you are it will carry your weight effortlessly without any issue. It is suitable for both advanced and beginner riders because of the excellent grip of the deck. Being full concave, the deck provides ultimate control thus making it very suitable for tricks.

Another thing that I want to mention is its wheels. It has 60mm ultra-soft wheels featuring a durometer level of 80A. Now keep in mind soft wheels are highly compatible with rough streets. No matter how bumpy the ride is it will absorb the impact like a sponge and disperse the total force.

Apart from the wheels, it has the 5 inches Geo full aluminum trucks which are highly capable of carrying all kinds of weight. Aluminum trucks are supper efficient due to a number of reasons. First, they are durable and last longer a regular use. Second, they are lightweight which means better maneuverability on the streets.

For streets and rough roads, the most common problem a skateboarder faces is the wheel bite. It is when your skateboard deck isn’t high enough and the wheels touch it during turning. It can be a dangerous situation sometimes as it can completely stop the board and make you fall down.

However, ReDo is free from such issues. It has an 88A medium bushings that raise the trucks a few extra inches from the ground. It helps to minimize the wheel bite issue to a certain degree.

  • Ultra-soft wheels
  • High-quality trucks
  • Extremely durable deck
  • Safer for rough roads
  • Suitable for beginners
  • I don’t see any drawbacks

Why Should I Buy This?

The ReDo skateboard also comes with ultra-soft wheels that make it very street-friendly. The durable deck of the board will absorb all the impact. It allows you to master your skills without the risk of breaking the board.

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6. X Free Skateboards – My Top Choice

X Free Skateboards 31 Inches Complete Skateboards

General Specification

Deck Size 31”x8”
Material PU, maple wood
Durometer Hardness 80A
Wheel Material PU
Load Capacity 220 lbs
Age Range 5 and above
Bearings ABEC-9
Trucks 5 inches

Another amazing board that you can consider when looking for the best skateboards for rough roads is from the Xtreme free. It might sound like a new brand to some skateboarders especially when you have been riding those known rookies and Whojs skateboards.

I also stumbled upon this one for the first time due to which I had to dig a bit deeper about it. To my surprise, I found this company is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to skateboarding.

The company is known for its high-quality skateboards that last longer. Today I am going to introduce the X free skateboard to you that can help you overcome those bumpy roads. The skateboard possesses some decent qualities that make it stand out from the whole crowd. The first and the most important thing about this board is its fabulous deck.

It possesses a 31 inches deck that is suitable for all kinds of riders. Apart from that, the deck comes with three different artworks that make it super cool. If you are a girl skateboarder then you are going to definitely like this one because of its dope design.

However, the design isn’t the only thing due to which I chose as one of the best skateboards for rough roads. There are surely other important things that matter a lot when it comes to riding on bumpy tracks.

For your information, it consists of 7-ply high-quality Canadian maple which makes it quite durable. The insane durability of the skateboard allows even chubby riders to have a smooth experience and enjoy their rides along with others.

Moreover, it has 54 mm wheels which consist of PU a high-quality material that makes 90% of the skateboarding wheels. I highly recommend the wheels to everyone because they are big enough to provide a comfortable ride on rough surfaces.

Apart from that, the board comes with ABEC-9 bearings which means you don’t have to keep pushing all the time. The bearings are super smooth like butter and will keep the wheels rolling for a longer time.

However, one thing that you should know before buying this skateboard for rough surfaces. The thing is, make sure you don’t go too hard on it while riding on rough surfaces especially in rain. It will just ruin the board because of the wet parts and too many vibrations.

  • High-quality deck design
  • Enhanced handling experience
  • Superb quality wheels
  • Reliable trucks
  • Not suitable for professional tricks and stunts

Why Should I Buy This?

The X Free Skateboard is one of the best skateboards for rough roads because of its high-quality deck design and reliable trucks. However, I don’t recommend it for serious tricks because some riders have experienced the front trucks breaking during the ride.

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7. YF YOUFU Complete Skateboards – My Bottom Choice

YF YOUFU Complete Skateboards, 31 inch Pro Skateboard for

General Specification

Deck Size 31″ x 8″
Material Maple
Durometer Hardness 95A
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Load Capacity 398 lbs
Age Range 6 years Up
Bearings ABEC-9 precision bearing
Trucks 5-inch magnesium

YF Youfu is another awesome brand to consider when looking for one of the best skateboards for rough roads. There are a lot of things that make it the right choice for some people. No matter whether you are a professional rider or a beginner who is just starting off.

You will find it pretty useful for tricks and plain riding both at the same time. The things that make it so useful and reliable include a high-quality deck design. It is available in different designs that make it extremely awesome.

Every rider has the option to choose the one that they find best for themselves. Apart from that, the skateboard possesses a premium quality deck that is durable and flexible at the same time. Being made of 7 layered Candian maple wood, the deck possesses a highly reliable structure that allows it to last for a longer duration.

You can ride it on rough surfaces, in streets, and in parks without any issue at all. Moreover, it is a 31 inches big deck that provides a super comfortable riding experience and better handling. The deck has enough load-bearing capacity that allows the skateboard to carry weight up to 398 pounds in total.

The deck also features a waterproof design which means if you are going to bring something from the grocery store when it is slightly showering you won’t have any issue. In addition to this, the board comes with premium quality trucks that are reliable for bumpy streets.

The trucks possess an optimal height that makes them good for skateboarders of all levels. No matter whether you are a professional rider or just a newbie. You won’t have any issues while riding it at all.

when it comes to wheels, they are also of the next level quality which makes them a great choice for streets and rough surfaces. The 95A wheels of the skateboard provide a better and comfortable riding experience all the time.

  • Available in different deck designs
  • Durable deck
  • Waterproof structure
  • comfortable and easy to ride
  • Faster and reliable wheels and bearings
  • Decent quality trucks
  • The turning radius is a bit bigger

Why Should I Buy This?

The YF Youfu is one of the most awesome brands that produce some good quality skateboards. If you are looking for the best skateboards for rough roads then you can consider this one because of its premium deck design, good deck art, and high-quality wheels and trucks.

Check Price On Amazon

8. WhiteFang Skateboards – Best Choice for Beginners

WhiteFang Skateboards 2

General Specification

Deck Size 31″ x 8″
Material Maple
Durometer Hardness 95A
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Load Capacity 330 lbs
Age Range 6 years Up
Bearings ABEC-9 precision bearing
Trucks 5-inch magnesium

The next one on my list of the best skateboards for rough roads is Whitefang. Unlike other boards, this one comes with some excellent features that make it stand out from the crowd. The first thing that we like about this skateboard is its excellent design.

However, everyone has a different taste. Some people may not like the shards design of the deck. To give you a wide range of options the manufacturer has done a splendid job by adding 8 different designs. It will make you able to pick the one according to your choice.

Having that said, looks aren’t the only thing due to which I have selected this board for you. There are surely a few other things that make it a decent choice and a good investment. The skateboard features a high-quality deck that consists of Canadian maple wood.

The 7-ply construction of the deck makes it quite a durable one. It will continue giving you the best of its performance for months without any issue at all. Besides that the durable deck of the board allows even chubby riders to ride without the risk of breaking it.

It is because the board can easily sustain a load capacity of 330 pounds. The next thing that I love about the Whitefang board is its remarkable trucks. The manufacturer has done a splendid job by adding 5-inch magnesium trucks.

These trucks are quite stable and durable to a whole new level. You can enjoy riding the board no matter what skill level you are. It will help you brush your skills further and learn new and cool moves due to its stable design.

When it comes to speed, Whitefang is a perfect choice. It is because the board features 52 mm wheels which are just perfect for street skating and rough surfaces. Moreover, the wheels possess a durometer rating of 95A which means they are harder in nature.

Due to their higher rebound, they don’t disperse momentum and helps in maintaining an excellent speed. Oh! I think I didn’t mention the bearings. We shouldn’t forget about bearings because these are responsible for the movement and overall maneuverability of the board.

In order to match the speed of the wheels and prevent dropping their performance, the company has added ABEC-9 bearings. These are currently the smoothest bearings available on the markets.

  • Excellent design
  • Available in different colors and deck arts
  • Higher load capacity
  • suitable for beginners
  • Faster and smoother performance
  • the turn radius of the truck needs to be reduced a bit

Why Should I buy It?

If you are a little bit overweight then this will be an excellent choice for you. The board features a high-quality structure that makes it different from the rest of the market. Moreover, it comes with highly stable trucks that make it perfect for beginners and newbies.

Check Price On Amazon

9. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon – Best For DesignPowell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon

General Specification

Deck Size 31″ x 8″
Material Maple
Durometer Hardness 101A
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Load Capacity 300 lbs
Age Range 8 years Up
Bearings ABEC-9 precision bearing
Trucks 7.6 -inch Aluminum alloy

If you are a pro skater then you may have heard about the Powell Golden dragon flying dragon skateboard. It also proves to be one of the best skateboards for rough roads due to its fantastic build quality.

Apart from that, the board features an amazing design with a mythical creature printed on it. This is something that will make you unique and be the center of attention all the time. Moreover, the board possesses a fantastic quality deck that is durable and long-lasting.

It consists of 7 layers of maple wood that give it flexibility and strength to sustain the load. Due to its flexible design, the deck can absorb impacts like a sponge and does not break easily. Apart from that, the deck features a mild concave structure that provides a better experience during the ride.

Besides a high-quality deck, the board also possesses remarkable quality trucks. They are 7.6 inches high which may not be very good for beginners. It is because the height of the trucks reduces the stability of the board.

However, at the same time, it makes the skateboard quite perfect for performing different kinds of stunts. It will allow you to ollie higher than the regular 5 inches trucks. Having that said, it will take a while to get used to because the extra height may sometimes seem a bit scary.

Unlike other boards that come equipped with some cheaper quality trucks, the Powell golden dragon possesses special golden dragon trucks. They consist of aluminum allow which makes them lightweight but durable at the same time.

However, trucks and decks aren’t the only things that make this skateboard a reliable option. Of course, the board comes equipped with high-quality skateboard wheels that deliver excellent performance.

They are 54mm in size which makes them excellent for rough surfaces such as street skating. In addition to this, the skateboard also possesses ABEC-9 bearings to make it faster. Overall there is nothing to complain about the board at all.

  • Fantastic deck art
  • durable
  • lightweight
  • higher rebound wheels
  • faster and smoother bearings
  • Special trucks
  • The truck height may not be suitable for everyone

Why Should I Buy It?

First of all the overall design of the board is of the next level. Apart from that, the trucks are just perfect for awesome stunts and tricks such as ollies and kickflips. Moreover, it features a concave design that gives full control over the board during the ride.

Check Price On Amazon



Things You Need to Know When Skateboarding on Rough Terrain

These were some of my favorite skateboards that I highly recommend for the rough roads. However, this isn’t the end as I’ll be updating this list regularly whenever I find some good brands.

Here are some of the most important things that you should keep in mind when skateboarding on rough terrains. First of all, you need to keep in mind that the streets are totally different from parks. Skate parks have smooth surfaces that are suitable for skateboards and even scooters. However, when it comes to the streets you need to take care of a few things.

Skateboard Deck For Rough Streets.

The skateboard deck is the most important part. Don’t ever let the cool stickers and paint job fool you. You should always make sure that your skateboard deck is sturdy enough to withstand your skating style. Now, normally skateboard decks are built quite durable.  I’ve seen people jumping from certain heights without even getting a scratch on their boards.

However, if you are a heavy guy and riding on your board and that too on rough terrain then you should worry about it.

On rough roads, your deck gets a vigorous amount of vibrations which when combined with your heavyweight can cause trouble. Make sure that your deck consists of at least 7-ply maple wood.

Wheels For Rough Roads.

Another important thing that you need to take care of is your skateboard’s wheels. Now there are so many wheels on the market having different sizes and durometer ratings. The durometer ranges from softer to harder and each level has a completely different application.

For example, harder wheels are suitable for all kinds of applications but they aren’t very comfortable.

If you want your board to be more comfortable even on rough surfaces then you should always go for softer wheels. They are also good for cruising smoothly. As you can see many longboards have softer wheels that is why they provide a smoother riding experience to the rider.

However, there isn’t any die-hard rule to select the skateboard wheels for yourself. You should go for something that suits you best.


Are 78a Wheels Too Soft?

78a lies pretty much at a sweet spot between hardness and softness. They aren’t very harder and noisy on the streets while at the same time they aren’t extremely softer. This makes them quite versatile and multi-purpose. If you are a beginner then you can start with the 78a wheels.

Why You Should Always Get Higher Trucks For Rough Roads?

Higher trucks may not be suitable for those who are just starting out. However, I like them because of a very important reason. On rough roads, there are a lot of bumps that make the ride pretty coarse.

In addition to that if you are turning with low trucks and that too on rough roads then your wheels will touch the deck of your skateboard. It will reduce your speed and may sometimes cause accidents.

However, it may take you a while to get used to higher trucks. But once you figure it out you will experience an ultimate improvement in your skills. Higher trucks also give you the opportunity to higher ollie (If you have already figured it out).


I am sure after reading this article you will have selected your board by now. However, if you are unable to decide which one would be best for you then let me help you. I highly recommend getting the Minority 38 inch deck skateboard. It is because the board features some cool characteristics that make it different from the rest.

It is durable, easy to ride, and insanely suitable for rough streets and roads. You will have no issue while riding it. Apart from that, the board comes with cool deck graphics that will make everyone jealous.

Thanks For Reading!

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