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Are you looking for a step-by-step guide on how to prevent speed wobbles? I know one of the most terrifying things about skateboarding is speed wobbles. It’s like an earthquake on a board, and it can happen to any skater at any time.

But you don’t have to worry because I’ve got your back! You’ll learn how to prevent these speed wobbles in this article so that you can enjoy your skating experience without fear.

Not only this, but I will also tell you what are the main reasons behind speed wobble. I hope you will be excited and can’t wait to read the entire article. If that is so then I won’t keep you waiting anymore. Let’s jump into my guide and see how to prevent speed wobbles.

What Causes Speed Wobbles?

Speed wobbles are a result of loose trucks and too much weight on the front foot. These two things work together to make it difficult for your board to turn at high speeds, making you feel unsteady and uncomfortable.

This is why when people say “speed wobble” they really mean speed turning difficulty.

If this happens, then all you have to do is readjust how you position your feet so that more weight goes onto the back leg, which will allow the skater to successfully perform turns without making them unstable.

Wearing looser socks can also help with this problem as well because if there’s less friction between your shoes and toes while skateboarding then it won’t be as strenuous for the body in general

How Dangerous Speed Wobbles Can Be?

Speed wobbles can be more dangerous than many people realize. They often lead to falls and collisions with other objects, which is why it’s important to know how to prevent speed wobbles when skateboarding.

The cause of the most common type of speed wobble is a lack of balance in the rider’s weight distribution on either foot as they turn at high speeds.

This leads them to fall over or feel unstable because one leg has too much pressure put onto it while turning fast within a confined space like a street or sidewalk.

It also makes dodging obstacles difficult for those who experience this issue, since their feet are constantly off-balance no matter what direction they’re going in.

If you notice that your board seems wobbly even when you’re not turning, the problem may be with your trucks.

Either way, it’s a good idea to look into taking some preventative measures so that speed wobbles don’t happen when skateboarding.

How To Prevent Speed Wobbles on A Skateboard?

In order to prevent speed wobbles on a skateboard, it’s first important to understand what speed wobbles are and why they happen. I hope you have read the above sections and understood the basic causes of the speed wobbles now.

If that is the cause then I am sure you must be ready to prevent it. So here are a few ways that can help you learn how to prevent speed wobbles on a skateboard.

Lean Foreward

As I mentioned earlier, the most common cause of speed wobbles is a lack of stability. The more you lean forward, the more your skateboard will stay balanced and not wobbly.

When you are leaning too far back on the board, it’s also important to remember that this can make one stand up while turning which also leads to an unstable position.

As soon as possible, start to lean forward when making turns in order to prevent speed wobbles from happening during your ride down the street with friends!

It takes some getting used but once you get into the habit of balancing yourself by leaning forwards then staying stable should be easier than ever before.

Lean so much that if there were any bumps or cracks in the ground they would just slide

Stay Low To The Ground

When you start to wobble, it’s because your body is too high up in relation to the board and this means that your weight will be distributed unevenly.

In order to avoid speed wobbles, try keeping yourself as low as possible on the skateboard while also being at a comfortable distance from both rails of the deck.

This should prevent any sudden instability during turns or downhill rides which are typically when most people experience them!

Make A Slight Turn

This is a good way to avoid speed wobbles when you are traveling downhill.

The most common cause for this maneuver would be if someone was coming up from behind so try and make sure they don’t catch you off guard!

All you need to do is lean in the opposite direction that your turn will go, keeping yourself low on the board as well as forward-facing.

You’ll also want to keep an arm out just in case there are any sudden bumps or cracks waiting for you at the bottom of the hill.

If it looks like there might not be anything else to worry about after he turns, release your grip with one hand and prepare for another short turn while still remaining low on the board!


Skateboards that are faster and have a lot of concave surfaces may be more prone to speed wobbles.

If you find yourself getting them often, try looking for a board with less concave surface area or look into skateboarding at slower speeds.

Speed wobbles happen when your feet lose contact with the ground while rolling fast. The truck needs to do its job! When it’s not doing so well then they will start making your board wobbly even if you’re not turning much.

This is why learning how to prevent these bumps from happening can help you save money on boards in the future.

It is because no one wants their new investment to get messed up so quickly. So make sure that before investing in buying another skateboard.

What Makes A Skateboard More Stable?

As you know, skateboards are made of a flat deck with four wheels. The rider stands on the board and balances it while pushing their feet against the ground to move forward or backward. This is why balance is key!

Skateboarders need to keep in mind that an unstable object will be quickly knocked over by its own weight when standing on one side of the board; this makes balancing more difficult than just for show as loss of balance at higher speeds can lead to accidents such as speed wobbles.

The stability of a skateboard relies heavily upon many factors including how well aligned your trucks are if there’s enough space between your front truck and the nose (or “front curvature”) so there isn’t overlap and the weight of your board.

When looking at the truck from behind it should be pointing straight ahead or slightly angled downwards if they’re reverse-kingpin (RKP) trucks – this means that there is no wheel bite which can lead to loss of control.

The front axle also needs to point forward too as discussed earlier for two main reasons; firstly because it’s more stable than having them skewed sideways.

Secondly, if any part of the nose sticks out past where your back foot would land then skaters could get their feet caught

Get A Board That Is Customizable For Your Riding Style

-If you find yourself getting them often, try looking for a board with less concave surface area or look into skateboarding at slower speeds.

-Not all boards are suited for everyone. You may have to change your board so it fits you better.

-The size of the wheels is not everything (although that does play a key role in how well your board can take some bumps).

Make sure there’s enough space between them, or else they will get stuck together and make it difficult when steering.

And if possible, go with softer wheels because they grip on surfaces much easier than harder ones do!



In conclusion, there are a few things about skateboarding and speed wobbles to keep in mind.

Firstly, if you want to prevent them from happening too often then try changing your board so it fits with what feels right for the rider;

Secondly- softer wheels will help grip surfaces better than harder ones. And lastly- don’t forget to always make sure that your wheels are spaced out well.

After reading this blog post, you should know how important it is to space the wheels on a skateboard properly and be aware of what type of wheel works best for each rider.

You also need to take into account where one will be skating when they have speed wobbles. If it is on a road, there are more causes for the wobbles so it is important to have good control over your board.

Otherwise, if you’re skating at an indoor skate park or in someone’s driveway- then speed wobbles may not be as big of a deal since they can handle the surface better and the chance of having them happen.

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