Is Skateboarding Good Exercise? | 5 Best Tips 2021

Is skateboarding good exercise? If yes, then how good it is and how much it can help you in staying fit? I saw similar questions on different online platforms, which made me curious. I started doing some research about skateboard as an exercise. After quite a bit of digging and confirming my findings from different sources, I came to the following conclusion.

Skateboard is an excellent exercise because it targets different spots on the body. It doesn’t increase the heart rate only but also helps build muscles and enhance overall body shape.

However, I am sure that wouldn’t be enough for you. I know you want to see things in detail; therefore, I have written this article for you. If you want to know is skateboarding good exercise, then I suggest you keep reading.

1. Is Skateboarding Good Exercise? – In 2021

Just as I mentioned earlier, I noticed on different platforms that skateboarding is a great exercise. However, how good it depends upon how serious you take it as a workout. Before we discuss the outcomes, let me tell you how skateboarding can be a good workout.

Is Skateboarding Good Exercise

2. Experimental Evidence – Dr. Olson Study

Dr. Michele Olson is a Ph.D. professor at the Auburn University of Alabama. He once performed an experiment on weight loss based on different activities. He analyzed three activities during his investigation: jumping rope, spinning, and skateboarding. According to Dr. Olson, he took these activities because they can go from pacing to highly explosive efforts.

After a careful analysis, Olson stated that skateboarding can be quite effective as an exercise. During the experiment, even without attempting any tricks, he noticed an increase in the cardiovascular system. He also mentioned that skateboard riding can help burn from 8 to 12 calories per minute without any issue.

The doctor also reported that during the ride, the body’s core works together with the back to keep the spine aligned. I am sure this experiment will answer the question “Is skateboarding good exercise?” in the best possible way.

3. Skateboarding Helps Increasing The Heart Rate

The first and the most noticeable thing is the heart rate while working out. Increased heart rate means more oxygen. According to Healthline, a healthy person’s normal heart rate while resting stays between 60 to 100 times a minute.

It increases with the increase in the activity level. During our workout sessions, it reaches a high level (depending upon the intensity). This is where the fat burning process begins.

Now, if you are a hardcore skateboarder, you will be pushing your heart rate. This increase in heart rate will take your body to a fat-burning mode. This indicates that skateboarding is an excellent exercise.

Now you must be thinking, how much weight can you lose with skateboarding alone. The answer to this question depends upon the intensity of your activity. If you are a hardcore skateboarder like you do all those dope stunts and spend hours riding your board, then chances are you will get to see good results quickly.

However, if you aren’t a serious rider, you won’t be able to get the most out of your riding sessions. Don’t worry because I will teach you how to make your skateboarding more effective for weight loss at the end of this article.

4. It Works On Calf And Hamstring Muscles

Apart from increasing your heart rate, skateboarding plays an important role in muscle building. Most people may take it lightly but trust me when you keep riding your skateboard, you will see a significant change in your body.

It is because, during the ride, you apply pressure to push the skateboard. At the same time, the other leg supports your weight, which makes them both active at the same time. Though your resting leg wouldn’t be as dynamic as the pushing leg.

However, it still gets the effect, and as an overall result, you will have your leg muscles toned. During my research, I noticed that skateboarding works on calf and hamstring muscles.

5.How Can We Make Skateboarding More Effective?

In order to make skateboarding a much more effective workout, I did some more research. After studying weight loss and workouts, I found an interesting way to increase the weight loss effect during skateboard riding.

If you got your answer to the question, is skateboarding good exercise, you should also know how to make it more effective. Before I explain the secret method, I want to tell you something more important than the workout.

If your goal is weight loss and fitness, then workout alone won’t help you much. You’ll have to control your intake to get some good results. To get maximum results and stay fit, you need to avoid drinking alcohol and eating junk foods like pizzas and burgers.

In addition to this, you need to be dedicated to your goals. Here is an effective way that can make your skateboard riding even more helpful in your weight loss journey.

The technique is commonly known as High-Intensity Interval Training. During this method, you go aggressive for a short period of time, followed by a short active rest. Once you do this a few times, you will take your body to an ultimate fat burning phase.

According to different studies conducted by health professionals, HIIT exercise can help you burn fats even when you are not working out.


Last Minute Thoughts

I did some research in order to answer this question, Is skateboarding good exercise? During my study, I noticed a few interesting things. The first thing is that skateboarding helps to burn 8 to 12 calories a minute.

Apart from that, it helps to target different body muscles that make it an effective workout. Although it may not be as effective as a gym workout, it is quite amazing because you won’t have to go to the same boring gym and spend hours lifting heavy tools.

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