Who Makes the Best Skateboards? – Top 5 Skateboard Brands 2021

The first question that comes into mind whenever you are buying a skateboard is “who makes the best skateboards?” Don’t worry almost every single person asks himself this question. To be very honest I was thinking this too and due to this reason, I had to do a little bit of research.

Actually, I have a curious nature. It means that I love digging deep about things and learning detailed information about them. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons I choose physics as my main subject.

Anyways we aren’t going to discuss Nikola Tesla or Newton here don’t worry about that. We are here to discuss who makes the best skateboards.

If you are looking for an answer to the above question then you are in the right place. In order to answer this question, I did a little bit of research about different skateboard manufacturers. After learning different things about these brands I was able to make a list of those who make the best skateboards. Today I am going to share my favorite skateboard brands which may help you guys too.

Before we jump into the main section I just want to put in a little bit of disclaimer here. There is nothing as “the best ” in this world and it all depends on personal opinions. Some of these brands may be very good for me but they may be totally trash for you.

This is actually ok and I don’t have any problem with that as everyone has their own choice. I am writing this article just to help my fellow readers and make their day by introducing some good brands.

With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump straight to my list of the best skateboard brands.

Who Makes the Best skateboards?


The following are some of my favorite brands and I think they are currently the best manufacturers when it comes to making skateboards.

1) Anti-Hero

The first one on my list is the Anti-Hero skateboards. The company started back in 1995 with its main headquarters in San Francisco. The founder of Anti-Hero skateboards is Julien Stranger. The company has been producing high-quality skateboards due to which they have earned the trust of its customers.

Today a lot of professional skateboarders ride their skateboards with pride. They use the finest quality wood and other parts to make their skateboards stand out from the crowd. Apart from that, their prices are also quite good.

I mean they aren’t the best affordable skateboard manufacturer but still, some of their boards are available at decent prices. I have a long list of people who love riding Anti-Hero skateboards. However, some of the main riders and famous skateboarders include John Cardiel, Frank Gerwer, Tony Trujillo, and Peter Hewitt.

2) Powell Peralta

If you are not already familiar with the Powell Peralta then you are missing a lot of good stuff on the table. It is one of the most popular brands in different parts of the US. People love them because of their awesome wheels and amazing decks.

I personally love their skateboard decks because their deck art is completely phenomenal. Powell Peralta started manufacturing their amazing quality skateboards back in 1978. Since that time, the company is improving its products day by day which is why they can be called the best skateboard manufacturer.

You may have already seen my post about the best skateboard for rough roads. There I have mentioned their Powell golden flying dragon skateboard. If you haven’t checked that yet I highly recommend you to read that article because I have listed some serious boards there.

3) Santa Cruz

Another top-notch manufacturer for skateboards and stuff is Santa Cruz. I hope you will already know them because they touch the sky with their fame. The company started manufacturing skateboards in 1973.

This actually makes them one of the oldest skateboard manufacturers. Apart from that, they have their main headquarters located in Santa Cruz, US. Their skateboards are quite popular because of their premium quality decks, deck arts, and other fantastic accessories.

Whether you are a street skater or someone who is looking for the best skateboard for rough roads you can count on Santa Cruz skateboards.

4) Polar Skate Co.

The next top brand on my list is Polar Skate Co. It is also one of the most well-known skateboard manufacturers. Polar skate Co. started manufacturing skateboards and accessories like streetwear etc. in 2010.

This company isn’t too old as compared to the first few ones but due to its super high-quality products, it has earned itself a title as the best skateboard manufacturer.

Moreover, They also manufacture high-quality streetwear which will make you look super cool in the streets. The company offers superb deck designs that will make everyone drop their jaws on the streets and in the park.

5) Whome Skateboards

Last but not least, I have the Who skateboards on my list of recommendations. Whom is another popular brand that is quite famous for its high-quality skateboards, longboards, and penny boards.

If you are looking for a tough skateboard for rough roads or streets then who should be your first priority. They also offer a wide range of options for longboard lovers such as downhill longboard, dancing longboard, etc.

Apart from that, you can also get different kinds of skateboarding accessories from the company as well.


Final Thoughts

I did a lot of research and after a quite bit of difference, I got a lot of interesting stuff from multiple sources. After that, I put together all the information from these sources and tried my best to answer a simple question who makes the best skateboards.

There are so many companies that produce high-quality skateboards which will make this article a whole research paper if I mentioned them all. I know everyone is busy these days which is why I tried to answer the question with some straightforward options.

Now please keep in mind as I already mentioned above everyone has different tastes and I totally respect that. On my list, there might be some companies that you may not like but I find their products quite reliable.

My goal was to write this article to make your day and I hope I made it. Besides that, if you want to mention any good brand or other interesting pieces of information please feel free to comment below.

Thanks For Reading!

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