Why Are Penny Boards So Expensive? – (Complete Guide 2021)

Have you ever thought about Why are penny boards so expensive? I did a little bit of research and found some interesting things.

Penny boards are expensive because of their special build quality. They are made of environmentally friendly plastic which takes a lot of effort to build a good penny board. Moreover, they have high-quality wheels and trucks which adds to the cost.

Well, this is the main reason for penny boards being so expensive. However, I am quite sure you would want to know more about penny boards. After knowing a little bit more I hope you will have a solid idea of why are penny boards so expensive.

Penny boards are quite interesting boards to ride for professionals as well as for those who are just starting out. However, have you ever thought about how penny boards are made? Perhaps after knowing about the process you may find an answer to the question “why are penny boards so expensive.”

Purpose Of Penny Boards – 2021

At first, when skateboards were introduced they were made of wood. Basically, Canadian maple wood is used for the construction of skateboards since the beginning. Apart from that skateboards are also equipped with some parts which increase the overall cost of these boards.

However, skateboards are a bit heavy which sometimes can be a problem especially when you have to carry your school bag and your skateboard at the same time. In order to cater to this issue, some companies were looking for a better solution.


An Australian company called Penny Australia introduced them for the first time. These boards were quite different from the traditional skateboards because of their construction. Although there are wooden penny boards available on the market most of them are made of plastic.

This makes them quite portable and easy to carry around because of their lightweight nature. Wait! that isn’t ordinary plastic at all because scientists and engineers have spent most of their time doing research.

Penny boards are made of plastics that are easy to decompose. This makes these boards quite friendly to the environment and suitable for everyone.

How Are Penny Boards Made?

Penny board making is an interesting process. However, it takes a lot of effort to produce a high-quality penny board. This process is the straight answer to the question of why are penny boards so expensive.

Preparing The Deck

First of all the deck of the board is made. Unlike other skateboards and longboards, penny skateboard decks are made of plastic just as I mentioned earlier. However, this is not a regular plastic that you find on normal toys.

The manufacturer selects high-quality plastic for the deck that is friendly to the environment. It takes a lot of research and effort to choose the right quality material for the deck construction. After the preparation of the decks, they are tested to see if they can sustain the weight of the riders.

Trucks Selection

Once the deck prepares, the next thing is the selection of trucks. Now, most penny boards that are rated for kids have cheaper trucks. But we are not talking about those cheap plastic trucks we are talking about professional ones.

Penny boards for adults comes with high-quality trucks that can sustain the weight of the rider. This is why they are usually expensive and this impacts the overall cost of the penny board. I hope you are getting why are penny boards so expensive now. However, we are only halfway through.

Adding Premium Quality Bearings

After selecting the right trucks for the board the manufacturer then adds high-quality bearings. Now I don’t mean that all of these boards have premium quality bearings. I mean only those penny boards that cost hundreds of dollars.

The manufacturer selects premium quality bearings to make them super smooth for riding and move faster. This is one of the main reasons penny boards are so fast and smooth and people love them for cruising.

However, there is one thing about these boards which is the lack of tricks. Anyways when the bearings are added after that the manufacturer adds wheels.

Adding High-Quality Wheels

After adding trucks and bearings to the deck of the board there is one thing that remains. It is wheels. You may have noticed that penny boards and cruisers have larger wheels as compared to regular skateboards. Having that said, these are not normal wheels as they are very high quality to make the penny board ridable for an extended duration. These wheels are also quite expensive as they are made of premium quality PU. After reading these things you may have an idea of the efforts behind every single penny board that people ride. This may answer your question “why are penny boards so expensive?”


Final Thoughts

I used to think why are penny boards so expensive in the beginning. To be honest I used to hate them too because I couldn’t afford to buy one when I was in college. But when I did some research on these boards I came to know the main reason behind them being so expensive.

Producing a high-quality penny board is not an easy task. It requires skill, effort, and selection of the right material. It takes days of hard work to manufacture and ship these boards which makes them expensive as compared to regular skateboards.

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