Why Are Skateboards So Expensive? – (Suitable Answer 2021)

If you are just about to start skateboarding you might be thinking why are skateboards so expensive? I know a lot of people have this question and luckily we are going to explain everything here.

Skateboards are expensive because it takes so much effort to make one. First of all, fine-quality wood is selected to ensure the durability of a skateboard. Apart from that, manufacturers use different kinds of machinery and put in too much effort.

There is a lot more to know when it comes to skateboards and their price. Luckily we are going to learn everything here. If you are interested then I suggest keep on reading

How Skateboards Are Made?

How Skateboards Are Made?

The main thing that we need to learn about skateboards is their construction. Only then we will understand why are skateboards so expensive.

Skateboard Decks

The first thing which is the most important part of any skateboard is its deck. Skateboards aren’t made from a single piece of wood at all. In fact, different layers of fine-quality wood are selected.

It takes a lot of effort to select the right logs for constructing the finest quality decks for skateboards.

Now there are also some plastic skateboard decks. It consists of premium quality plastic which is also a bit expensive. Apart from that, the layering of the sheets takes a lot of effort which is one reason why skateboards are so expensive.

Trucks For Skateboards

The next thing that makes skateboards expensive is the construction of trucks. Skateboard trucks are available in different varieties. Mostly the trucks that I ride consist of Aluminum or alloys. Now aluminum itself isn’t that expensive but the alloys are.

Apart from that, they are balanced with expensive machines. These factors affect the overall cost of the skateboard. Some skateboard trucks are made of plastic which isn’t that expensive but they are also not durable. You can’t ride these trucks especially if you are a heavy rider.

Wheels For Skateboarding

Just like all other parts, skateboarding wheels are also special. You can’t just install any kind of wheels on your board and ride. It comes in different sizes and levels of hardness and softness. Each one of these is used for specific purposes.

Manufacturing each type of wheel requires a lot of effort. Apart from that, it takes different kinds of material to produce good quality skateboard wheels Therefore the cost of these wheels is usually higher.

Now that you have learned about the different components of the skateboard it should be clear why they are costly. There is still a lot more to learn about the cost and performance of different skateboards.

How Much Should You Spend on A Skateboard?

The cost of your skateboard depends on its setup. There are different types of skateboards and each one comes with its own set of pros and cons. For instance, if you are buying a skateboard for street skating then it will use different parts.

Apart from that, the skateboard for cruising and long-distance uses different parts. Similarly, their cost also varies so you need to decide whatever you are picking. Generally, a street skateboard should cost somewhere between $50 to $100. It also depends on the manufacturer and builds the quality of the board.

However, penny boards are a bit cheaper because of their plastic construction. In addition to this, longboards and electric skateboards are the most expensive options. Therefore, there isn’t any fixed price when it comes to skateboards.

Is It Good To Buy Complete Skateboards?

Complete skateboards are quite amazing. You don’t have to spend time putting their pieces together. The only problem with complete skateboards is their configuration. Some skateboarders love riding higher trucks while sometimes complete skateboards come with lower trucks.

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive? - (Suitable Answer 2021) 1

Such a situation can create serious problems and you may want to exchange them. Apart from that, wheels are another aspect that can make a problem with complete skateboards. Different wheels are used in different situations such as 52mm do good on the streets.

In addition to this, people who want more speed usually ride bigger and harder wheels. In such cases, you need to either select the skateboard with the right wheels or exchange them later. However, for beginners and most people, complete skateboards are good.

Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy A Skateboard?

Now this question is a bit tricky to answer. It is because most complete skateboards are cheaper as compared to the custom build ones. If you are a beginner then you should go for the pre-build one.

Apart from that, if you are a professional skateboarder then you need to choose the right parts. Now here is what adds to the cost of the skateboard. For instance, if you want to choose a truck from either Santa Cruz or Powell then it will cost you a lot.

On the other hand, your professional wheels, trucks, and bushings also come at an additional price. Therefore, buying a skateboard is always a cheaper option as compared to a custom build board.

How Can I Make My Skateboard Cheaper?

If you want to make a cheaper skateboard for yourself then you have two options. Either buy used parts for your board or select some budget-friendly ones. For cheaper skateboards, the first thing you need to do is to select a blank deck.

Now there are a lot of blank decks available on amazon that will do much better when it comes to performance. After selecting a cheaper deck for your board the next thing to do is to get some wheels. Now again wheels are very important because it will decide the riding style of your skateboard. You can also select blank wheels for your skateboard especially when you are on a budget.

Next up, you need to pick the right skateboard trucks that suit your style. Make sure you get a cheaper truck according to your own comfort. I would love to recommend some trucks here but everyone has a different riding style. I personally use Independent Trucks because they are of pretty amazing quality.

How Much Is A Pro Skateboard?

The professional skateboard comes at different prices. Normally a pro skateboard costs around $100 dollars and that is because of its setup. It will have a high-quality skateboard deck that is made of at least 7-ply Canadian maple. In addition to this, the skateboard also possesses some additional features like branded trucks, wheels, and bushings.

Which Brand of Skateboard Is The Best?

There are so many brands to consider when it comes to buying the best skateboard. However, only a few of them prove to be the best of the best. In my opinion and after riding the Powell Skateboards for months, I think it is one of the best brands for skateboards.

Apart from that, Santa Cruz is also quite perfect and has a good reputation for a very long time. It is totally up to the performance of the board and your requirements. For instance, if my friend Joe loves skateboards. He enjoys riding these because of their ultimate performance and experience.

Some Additional Things That Make Skateboarding Expensive

Apart from the cost of the skateboard itself, some additional things make skateboarding so expensive. I will include them all to give you a sound idea about the cost of being a skateboarder. 

  • Skate park fee
  • Protective gear 
  • Shoes 
  • additional gear 

Skateboard Park Fee 

Hundreds of skateboards including beginners, intermediate and professional level join different skate parks. It is because these parks provide a decent environment where you can practice skateboarding effectively and that too without any issue. 

why are skateboard so expensive

However, that skateboard-friendly environment does come with a cost that you will have to pay regularly. The Skateboard park fee can increase the overall cost of being a skateboarder and makes the overall hobby an expensive one. 

Especially if you are a student or someone who is on a tight budget, this can make things difficult. Apart from that, the parking fee isn’t the only thing that makes it so costly. There are a few other things that have an impact on the overall cost. 

I haven’t added these things at the beginner of the article because they are completely optional. You can avoid them completely if you can’t afford them. 

Price of The Protective Gear

It is always good to ride safely and ensuring proper safety is the foremost thing. Even I wear the skateboarding helmet, knees, and elbow pads. However, they are not very budget-friendly which can result in an increased price. 

If you are a beginner then I highly recommend getting yourself protective gear. It is because wearing a helmet and protective gear can save you from different accidental situations. Especially at the beginning, you will have to face a lot of drops and falls. 

Wearing a helmet will prevent head injuries during the progress. In addition to this, kneepads and elbow pads will protect those specific spots which results in increased safety. 

Skateboarding Shoes

I don’t like riding my skateboard barefooted and this is because of the grip tape. It is soo painful whenever you are riding without shoes or even using low-quality shoes. It is why I like to wear specific shoes before I leave my room with my board. 

However, buying specific shoes for skating can result in additional costs. This will increase the price of the overall skating. Apart from that, there is something else you need to know which may surprise you a bit too. 

Whenever you are riding your skateboard, the coarse grip tape of the board will wear down your shoes. It is because due to the friction of the tape, your shoes will lose their sole and sometimes their sides when you are ollying. 

Due to this reason, you will have to invest in a pair of shoes every now and then. 

Cost of Gear

You can’t ride your skateboard while wearing dress pants. It is due to the fact that dress pants aren’t sports-friendly and completely restrict open movement. You need to get some sweat pants or shorts. 

They will help you in riding freely and enjoying every moment. Having that said, it also adds extra cost to the hobby. These things may be completely optional but they have an impact on the cost of being a skater.


Final Thoughts

Good skateboards usually come at an extra price. However, I’ve briefly explained some factors that make the skateboards quite expensive. Apart from that, I have already answered the question “why are skateboards so expensive.”

In addition to this, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get some good skateboards at cheap prices. There are still good skateboards available on the market that provides better performance and comes at an affordable price.

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