Best Skateboards For Heavy Riders In 2021 | Buying Guide

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If you are a heavy guy like Bob, then you may probably be looking for the best skateboards for heavy riders. Well if that’s the case, then you are exactly in the right place.

A few years ago I had a friend “bob” who was interesting in skateboarding. But he was afraid as he was a chubby guy and he thought he couldn’t ride skateboards. At the same time, he was too shy to share the problem with me, but I somehow noticed this issue.

One evening we were having coffee together, and I started the chat about skateboarding. After a little while, I told him “you know bob, I think there are skateboards for heavy riders too.

He was quite amazed to hear this and said, are you kidding me? I told him that it would take a while as there are a lot of skateboards on the market, but we will find something that he can ride.

After a little bit of digging on the internet and chit-chat, we found some of the best skateboards for heavy riders.

I’ve compiled a list of these to help all those people who are heavy and want to ride skateboards. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of my favorite boards.

List of Best Skateboards For Heavy Riders – 2021

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1. Yocaher Pro Complete Skateboard

The first one on my list of recommendations is the skateboard from Yocaher. I like it because of a few reasons which I am going to explain step by step. The first thing that makes it one of the best skateboards for heavy riders is its deck.

Yocaher Blank, Checker,

It consists of 7 layers of pure Canadian maple wood. The deck is strong enough to carry a lot of weight without any issue. Apart from that, it comes in different designs that give you the freedom to select your favorite one.

If you are looking for a skateboard that offers maximum control, then this is a solid option. It is because the deck comes in a mellow concave design. In addition to this, it has a double kick tail and nose design that provides maximum control. It is suitable for beginners as well as professionals who want to polish their skills even further. Moreover, It has premium quality grip tape that offers maximum traction.

When it comes to trucks the Yocaher’s skateboard features pretty solid trucks. They consist of aluminum alloy which provides stability, strength, and support at the same time. Even the heaviest riders can ride this skateboard without the fear of breaking it. However, it would be best if you care about heights and speed. It is because heavyweight can generate a lot of momentum and can be uncontrollable sometimes.

  • super smooth wheels
  • pretty solid trucks and deck
  • better handling
  • suitable for all level of skaters
  • The trucks need proper adjustment according to weight
  • May have wheel bite issue sometimes

Why Should I Buy It?

The trucks of the board are pretty solid, apart from that, the deck is quite sturdy and can support heavy guys without any issue. Moreover, the deck has been designed to support all kinds of skaters.

2. Retrospec Alameda Skateboard 

Retrospec skateboards are my all-time favorite. It is because the company has produced a lot of quality boards for all kinds of skaters. If you want that skateboard for long-distance, then this is a perfect option for you. For now, let’s talk about some of the aspects that make it a superb option for heavy riders.Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete

The first thing that I want to mention is the overall build quality of the skateboard. It comes in a few amazing designs that make it stand out from the crowd. It will surely help you catch the attention of everyone on the streets and even in parks.

Apart from that, the skateboard consists of an 8-inches wide deck. The deck is all Canadian maple and consists of 7 layers. It provides the ultimate level of sturdiness to the rider and will serve you for years. In addition to this, the deck possesses a concave structure that makes it an ideal board for tricks and comfortable rides.

The 5.5 inches aluminum trucks add to the features of the board. It helps in riding the skateboard comfortably as they are stable to the next level. Most importantly, the trucks are durable and can sustain loads up to 300 lbs. Moreover, the aluminum trucks are backed with incredible quality carbon steel kingpin.

It helps in putting everything together while you are busy gliding through the streets like a ninja. One can easily tell about the enthusiasm of the manufacturer by looking at the PU bushings. It helps in absorbing the impact and dispersing the momentum to help you stay comfortable all the time.

Lastly, I love the bearings on this skateboard. It is because they are super smooth, faster, and don’t require a lot of pushing. Moreover, the bearings possess a rubber dust cover which enhances their quality and keeps them working for longer durations.

  • Very Sturdy and reliable deck
  • Smoother bearings
  • Soft wheels make it very easy to ride.
  • Comes with fantastic deck designs
  • slower speed on asphalt

Why Should I Buy It?

The skateboard possesses a highly durable deck. Apart from that, if you are just starting out, then the wheels will support you a lot. They are softer and can work on even bumpy roads.

3. Dream beauty 31 inch Pro Skateboard

Another top quality skateboard on my list of recommendations is the Dreambeauty. Yes, it is one of my favorite boards that we found during the research with my friend Bob. Let’s take a quite look at some of its features. First, it comes with a fantastic design.

Dreambeauty 31 inch Pro Skateboard Complete,

I personally love the paint job on the deck, and it looks pretty sturdy. No matter how much you are into tricks and stuff, I am sure the paint will last longer than you think. Apart from that, the deck is very stable and durable as it consists of 7 layers of maple from Canada.

It makes the skateboard very reliable for heavy riders if you are looking for a skateboard for 400 pounds, then this is a perfect choice for you.

Moreover, the deck of the board has a double kick concave design that makes it very reliable. You can use it for tricks and smoother rides without any issue. It will provide you with an ultimate level of comfort during the rider even on longer distances.

No matter if you are a pro skater or a newbie who wants to start skateboarding. I am sure you will get the max out of this board. Apart from everything, I am a huge fan of the grip tape on the Dreambeauty skateboard.

I know many stock grip tapes aren’t that good, but this one is totally different. It provides maximum traction, which helps a lot when mastering the perfect ollie.

It also has chromium-steel bearings that feature ABEC-7 ratings. By far, these are some of my favorite skateboard bearings. It is because they are super smooth and can carry a lot of load without any issue. Moreover, the wheels of the skateboards are also quite interesting.

They consist of high-quality PU which lasts for longer durations. Apart from that, they are rated as 88A on the durometer scale. It allows you to ride on rough roads or any other surface you want.

  • An awesome choice for beginners
  • Stable and highly durable trucks
  • The bearings of the skateboard are super smooth
  • Decent grip tape
  • The wheels are noisy a bit

Why Should I Buy It?

The skateboard possesses a few qualities that make it quite different from others. It comes with pretty cool graphics that will make everyone in the park drop their jaws. It is reliable for heavy guys as it can support a maximum weight of 400 plus pounds.

4. Hikole Skateboard

The Hikole skateboard is one of the skateboards for street skating. Apart from that, it performs way more than awesome for heavy persons. The board possesses a few features that make it stand out from the crowd.Hikole Skateboard

The first thing that I like the most about this skateboard is its overall build quality. It consists of an 8-inches wide deck that is purely made of Canadian maple having 7 layers. It makes the deck quite sturdy and long-lasting.

Apart from that, it has its maximum load capacity of 100 kg, which means even chubby guys can take joy from it. In addition to this, you can get the deck with 8 different designs. It gives you the freedom to select the one that you like.

When it comes to the trucks of the board, they are awesome to the next level. The skateboard features aluminum alloy trucks that are sturdy and stable at the same time. It allows you to ride comfortably even if you are starting.

Another thing that I like the most is that it comes pre-assembled, which means you don’t have to spend time. You can ride it as soon as it arrives.  The wheels of this skateboard are also excellent. I am not a huge fan of 85A wheels.

It is because I like riding more harder wheels as they allow more speed. However, if you are a beginner, then you should start with the 85A wheels. They are much better, even on rough roads.

Lastly, let’s talk about the grip tape of the skateboard. Normally I change the grip tape as soon as I purchase any new skateboard. I think the stock grip tapes aren’t that good. However, this skateboard has awesome grip tape.

It provides enough friction to keep the skateboard under your control. You will experience quality as soon as you step on it.

  • highly suitable for beginners
  • extremely durable
  • the trucks are quite stable as compared to others
  • Softer wheels aren’t that good for speed skating

Why Should I Buy It?

Hikole skateboards are superb for street skating. Even if you are riding on the rough road, you won’t have any issue. In addition to this, the skateboard can lift even heavy loads without any issues.

5. WeSkate Complete Skateboards

Another top-notch skateboard on my list of the best skateboards for heavy riders is the WeSkate. There are so many features that I like about this board. The first thing is that it comes pre-assembled, which makes it quite fantastic.

WeSkate Complete Skateboards

You don’t have to sit down and assemble the board when you can enjoy the streets with your friends. Apart from that, it has an extremely durable deck that makes it the right skateboard for 300 pounds. You don’t have to worry about your weight as this board will easily carry you.

The trucks of this skateboard are quite durable. It can absorb all kinds of impacts without any problem. It may feel a bit odd if you are riding this skateboard for the first time. But after a little while, you will figure it out.

Once you get used to this board, you will enjoy every second of your ride on it. Another thing that I like about this skateboard is its super-smooth bearings. It comes with ABEC-7 bearings that provide ultimate speed and comfort at the same time.

Moreover, the bearings are designed in such a way that they can absorb shocks. It makes them quite durable and sturdy. This skateboard will stay by your side like a good companion.

  • Extremely durable and smooth bearings
  • faster even on streets
  • Durable deck
  • the wheels are of excellent quality
  • As such, no drawbacks

Why Should I Buy It?

It has super smooth bearings that make it effortless to ride. You don’t have to keep pushing again and again. Apart from that, the speed of this skateboard is also up to the mark.

6. Movendless YD-0007 Complete Skateboard

Lastly, I have the Movedless skateboard for heavy riders. There are a few things that I love about this skateboard. First of all, I totally like the design of this board. It comes with cool graphics that will make you look different in the park. Apart from that, you can take this skateboard for street riding too.Movendless YD-0007 Complete Skateboard

It is because the skateboard features a highly durable deck along with stable trucks. The deck consists of high-quality maple wood. It comes in 7 layers that enhance its overall durability and take its performance to a whole new level.

When it comes to trucks of this skateboard, they are totally amazing. You will enjoy riding on this skateboard for months without even hearing a single squeaking sound. However, the 5 inches height may cause wheel bite issues with a load.

The skateboard can lift to 110 kg of weight without any issue, which makes it a perfect choice. The wheels of this skateboard are completely different from the rest on the market. They are 50mm wheels consist of PVC which makes them insanely awesome. Due to its wheels, the skateboard keeps rocking on streets like a king.

  • Durable
  • suitable for rough roads
  • smoother riding experience
  • Solid quality grip tape
  • slow

Why should I buy it?

This skateboard is a masterpiece for beginners with a heavyweight. It is because it has a pretty durable deck and trucks. Apart from that, the height of the truck is pretty comfortable for beginners.



Am I Too Fat To Skateboard?

You may look too fat to yourself but you are never too fat for a skateboard. There are a lot of boards that can support your weight but you should be extremely careful while riding. Apart from that, skateboarding is quite a healthy activity which makes helps you reduce your weight.

What Is The Maximum Weight A Skateboard Can Hold?

Most skateboard decks that feature 8-ply construction can support up to 400 pounds of weight. However, I don’t recommend skateboarding with this much weight. It is because this sport is full of drops and crashes. You may not want to fall with a lot of weight due to massive momentum.

Can You Get Skinny From Skateboarding?

When you start skateboarding regularly you will start losing weight. It is because you are constantly consuming your calories. A good skateboarding session can help you lose up the top 800 calories. At the same time, you will also build your leg muscles.


During research for a skateboard that Bob can ride, we stumbled upon a lot of options. I have mentioned some of my favorite skateboards in this article. I hope you will have selected the one that fulfills your needs. However, if you are still struggling then I would suggest going for the Retrospec Alameda.

It is because the skateboard features an insane level of durability. Apart from that it is highly beginner-friendly and can help you master your techniques if you are still learning.

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