Darkstar Skateboard Review In 2021 – (Complete Guide)

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Last Updated on February 7, 2021 by Robert Bell

Due to some cheap quality skateboards on Walmart, people are sometimes worried about the quality. Therefore, I have written a detailed Darkstar skateboard review to help you know everything about the brand and its skateboards. 

After reading this article, you will have sufficient knowledge about the company, and you will feel confident enough to make the right decision. I have done in-depth research while writing this article to make it as helpful as possible. 

Apart from that, I am not sponsored by Darkstar or any other brand, and I will keep this review transparent and useful. I am sure you must be impatient to know about the brand and their skateboards. 

This is why I will not keep you waiting anymore and take you to my Darkstar skateboard review directly. 

A Short Intro To The Darkstar Skateboard Brand

Before we start looking at their ups and downs, I would like to talk about the company first. I think it is essential to know the company in detail before actually buying their products. This will help you build trust and learn everything about the company (Just as we all know about the Apple brand). 

During my research, I noticed that Dwindle Distribution owns Darkstar skateboards along with some other brands. Other brands include Enjoi, Tensor trucks, dusters, and blind skateboards. Rodney Mullen and Steve Rocco are the owners of these brands, and they seem to know their things very well. 

It is because, for years, their brands have managed to produce some of the best quality skateboards that are durable and provide an excellent riding experience. 

How Did Darkstar Skateboards Start? 

Darkstar skateboards started in 1997, and Chet Thomas was the founder of the company at that time. Initially, the company started with skateboard wheels, which helped them in lifting the brand’s name. 

After getting some popularity in the market due to their excellent quality wheels, the company started producing skateboard decks.

Why Do Some People Complain About Their Skateboards? 

Chet started listing his skateboards on Walmart to push his brand. Listing skateboards on Walmart and doing business isn’t a bad thing because we all need a living. However, he made a mistake by selling some cheap quality skateboards on Walmart, mostly rejected by skate shops. 

Selling cheap quality skateboards on Walmart diluted the brand’s name and its trust. Some people even associate Darkstar with Walmart, and they call them cheap skateboards. However, this isn’t entirely true because the company does have some good skateboards as well. 

Darkstar Skateboard Review 

Alright, that’s all with the boring history classes, I guess. I will review some of my favorite skateboards and talk about them as per my experience. I can’t say all of the Darkstar skateboards are good. 

However, in this Darkstar skateboard review, I will mention some of my favorite boards and tell you their main pros and cons. I will explain these skateboards from different angles to get a better idea of the quality. 

Let’s talk about my favorite board in this Darkstar skateboard review and see how good it is and what are its shortcomings. 

We’ll start with the Molten FP then, the heavy metal and finally, discuss the ale series R7 deck. 

Darkstar Molten FP Complete Skateboard Review

If you are looking for a decent quality skateboard for your kids, this might be a suitable option. Molten FP soft wheel skateboard comes with many cool features that make it an excellent choice in 2021. We will explore them all one by one in this article, though.

General Specification Of The Darkstar Molten FP Complete Skateboard

Deck Size 8 inches wide 31 inches long
Deck Construction 7-ply Canadian Maple wood
Trucks 5 inches aluminum
Bearings Carbon Steel ABEC-5
Wheels 52mm PU 80A (Softer)

Deck Quality Of The Darkstar Molten FP Complete Skateboard

The first thing that I want to talk about is the deck of the skateboard. It consists of 7 ply maple wood that makes it durable. Though, it may not be durable enough to sustain some hardcore tricks such as jumping from a staircase. 

Deck Quality Of The Darkstar Molten FP Complete Skateboard

Having that said, it still performs a lot better for kids and beginners. The manufacturer has done a splendid job by joining all seven layers of the wood with the help of excellent glue. It helps to keep all of the layers intact and prevents chipping. 

The deck features a concave design that is very helpful in riding. It allows newbies and kids to have full control over their skateboards and learn much faster. In addition to this, the deck possesses excellent quality deck art, which makes it stand out from the crowd. 

Trucks Quality Of The Darkstar Molten FP Complete Skateboard

The next thing that I want to talk about is the quality of the truck. The Darkstar molten FP soft wheel comes with excellent quality trucks. These trucks have aluminum-based construction which provides durability without adding any extra weight. 

Darkstar Molten FP Complete Skateboard Trucks Quality

This gives the skateboard an edge over others in terms of the overall weight. The lightweight structure of the board makes it extremely easy to carry and move around. Apart from that, it helps you learn some tricks much better due to its increased stability. 

They are 5 inches high which helps in maintaining stability. On one hand, the lower truck’s height restricts some moves and may sometimes create wheel bite issues. While on the other hand, it helps to lower the center of gravity, making it easier to ride for beginners and kids. 

Bearings And Wheels Quality Of The Darkstar Molten FP Complete Skateboard

Finally, let’s talk about the wheels and bearings quality of the Darkstar skateboard molten FP soft wheel.  During our research, we noticed that they come with high-quality bearings and softer wheels. 

Darkstar Molten FP Complete Skateboard Bearings And Wheels

It possesses polyurethan-based wheels which are 52mm in size. They are surprisingly good for streets and rough surfaces. However, you shouldn’t expect them to move faster because they are softer and have a low rebound. 

Due to their 85A durometer rating, these wheels are softer and as a result, they absorb not only impacts but also the speed of the board. Due to their softer design, they disperse the momentum which provides control on the board but kills the speed. However, it isn’t that slow which means you can still ride it like a pro. 

These are some of the main points of my favorite skateboard from the DarkStar. I am sure some people may not agree with it because everyone has different opinions and I totally respect that. I also have some other options at the end of my Darkstar skateboard review.

Alternate Options 

  • Darkstar Heavy Metal Mag1 FP Complete Skateboard (For adults) 
  • Darkstar Ale Series R7 Skateboard Deck (Deck Only)


Final Words

If you are looking for some of the best skateboards out there then Darkstar can be a decent brand to consider. Although you should avoid those cheaper quality Walmart skateboards, that doesn’t mean the company produces only cheap boards. 

Those Walmart skateboards are an excellent choice for kids though but if you are looking for some serious boards they have it. You should take a look at their Molten Fp, Heavy Metal Mag1, and Ale Series R7. These are some of the finest quality skateboards that will fulfill all of their needs. 

Another thing that I want to mention here is to listen to everyone but only trust after the experience. People will tell you a lot of things because they look at things from their own perspective. 

Just because a skateboard did well for others doesn’t necessarily mean it will be best for you too. We can only recommend skateboards based on their styles and specifications. 

With that said, this ends my Darkstar skateboard review here. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments. I will try more than my best to respond to every one of them.

Thanks For Reading!

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