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If you are looking for a complete and honest roller derby skateboard review, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will try my best to talk about the brand from different angles to make it easy for you. I am sure after reading this article, you will have a lot of information about RD skateboards.

It will also help you make the right decision when choosing the skateboard of your choice. There are different skateboards that roller derby makes, but I will mention only the ones I know about.

My main goal is to help you choose a perfect skateboard, and that too after knowing everything about it. I am sure you must be excited and can’t wait to see the detailed review of roller derby skateboards. Therefore, I am not going to keep you waiting anymore. Let’s jump straight to the Roller Derby Skateboard Review.

I assume you may have searched the roller derby skateboard Reddit on google before. It seems like you weren’t entirely satisfied with the outcomes. Therefore, I am going to make this article as helpful as I can.

About Roller Derby Skateboards Review 

Roller derby skateboards started working officially in 1936. Initially, the company had to face a lot of challenges. However, with time, they were able to overcome all of them with their excellent products.

Their skateboards are famous among skaters because they produce a wide range of skateboards. Whether you are a street skater, a rough road rider, or a park player, Roller derby will always have a solution for you. This is the main thing people love this brand and are happy to buy their products.

I think that was enough for the introduction to the company. Without making it a boring history class, I will keep it short. If you are interested in learning more about the company, you can read on Roller Derby skateboard.

Roller Derby Skateboard Review – Deluxe Series

The first skateboard that I will talk about on my roller Derby skateboard review is the Deluxe series. This is one of the best skateboards that you will ever ride during your skateboarding career.

It is because the board comes with some excellent features that make it stand out from the crowd.Roller Derby Deluxe Series

Let’s see it from various angles and then decide whether it will be suitable for your style or not.

General Specification

Deck Size 30.75” x 7.5” (7-play maple construction)
Trucks 5” T5 Indy Aluminum Trucks
Bearings Silver-5 Race Rated Chrome
Wheels 50mm Injected Polyurethane wheels


The first thing that I am going to talk about is the deck of the skateboard. Roller Derby Mr bear skateboard comes with an insanely fantastic deck design that makes it stand out from the crowd. It is 7.5 inches wide and 30.75 inches long, which makes it ideal for tricks.


Moreover, the deck has a concave design that provides a better riding experience due to its fantastic handling. In addition to this, it has an excellent quality grip tape, which provides maximum traction during the ride.

With such a grip tape, you will be able to do higher ollies and other sorts of flips without any issue at all. It consists of 7-ply Canadian maple wood, which makes it quite excellent and durable. This durable design of the deck allows the board to be ridable for an extended duration.


The next thing that I love about the Mr bear from Roller derby skateboards is its trucks. They are 5 inches high which may not be excellent for all, but it is best for beginners. These trucks consist of pure quality aluminum, which allows them to be durable and lightweight at the same time.


Moreover, the lowered height of the truck allows the board to be relatively stable. It makes it suitable for beginners and other people who are polishing their skills. However, there is another con of the lowered trucks, which is the wheel bite issue. Wheel bite occurs when you are taking a turn on your skateboard.

During the turn, the wheels touch the board’s deck, reducing speed and sometimes causes accidents. Therefore, professionals don’t like to ride lowered trucks. However, when it comes to durability, they leave their competitors behind.

Wheels and Bearings

Finally, let’s take a look at the wheels of the Mr bear from RD skateboards. During my research for the roller derby skateboard review, I noticed that Mr. B comes equipped with PU-coated wheels. They are incredibly durable and are 50mm in size.

Wheels and Bearings

The durable structure of these wheels makes them quite perfect for all types of terrain without any issue. Moreover, they are softer, which allows them to have low rebounds and be suitable for street skating. Even if you are a complete beginner, you won’t have to ride these because they absorb the impact.

The manufacturer has done an excellent job by adding ABEC 5 rated bearings to their skateboard. They are super incredible and provide decent speed due to their smoother design.

Final Verdict

I find the Mr bear skateboard quite perfect when it comes to roller derby skateboard review. It has a fabulous deck that allows it to be durable and comfortable to ride. Apart from that, the skateboard features remarkable trucks that possess lowered center of gravity and sturdy structure.

Apart from that, it comes with excellent quality wheels and trucks suitable for all kinds of terrains. Especially when it comes to conquering rough roads, you will find it insanely amazing due to its efficient performance.

Roller Derby Skateboard Review – RD Street Series

RD Street Series Skateboard

General Specification

Deck 30.75″ x 7.6″
Trucks 5 inches
Bearings Bevo Silver-5 Bearings
wheels 50mm urethane wheels

While writing the roller derby skateboard review, I noticed that the RD street series is also a good skateboard. Therefore, I made it a part of this review as a second option.

The company also manufactures some other skateboards but, I am not entirely familiar with them; therefore, I am not making them a part of this review.

However, I will update the article and add other skateboards as soon as I complete my analysis about them. But for now, let’s talk about the RD street series on my Roller Derby skateboard review.


First of all, take a closer look at the deck of the board. It comes with beautiful deck art that has cartoons printed all over it. Such kind of deck art makes the board a bit childish, but at the same time, adults can ride it.


The RD street series deck is 30 inches long and 7.5 inches wide, similar to the Mr. bear.  However, it features a 9-ply construction, which adds to its durability and gives it an edge over the Mr. Bear from RD skateboards.  Another thing that makes it stand out from the crowd is the design of the deck.

It features a double kicktail design that provides more control over the board. Whether you are a professional skateboarder or just a beginner, you will find it very comfortable to ride on any kind of surface.


When it comes to trucks, the RD street series leaves its competitors far away behind. It is because the board comes with excellent quality aluminum alloy trucks that are highly durable. Simultaneously, these trucks are very lightweight, which proves quite helpful in carrying the skateboard and during stunts.


Apart from that, they have lowered the center of gravity, which provides an increased amount of stability to the rider. However, I don’t like the trucks because I prefer higher trucks; therefore, I usually go for independent trucks.

But it is totally up to you, if you are comfortable with the lower trucks, then there is no need to change them. Another thing that I almost forgot to mention is that these trucks are durable for hardcore stunts because of their durable design.

Wheels and Bearings

The last thing that I would like to talk about is the wheels and bearings of the skateboard. RD street series also comes with 50 mm PU wheels that are highly durable and last for a longer duration.

Wheels and Bearings

50mm wheels are perfect for street skating because they are smaller in size and softer in nature. This makes the wheels free from wheel bite and other such types of issues. In addition to this, the lower rebound of the wheels makes them suitable for any surface.

Apart from that, it has Bevo Silver 5 Race Rated Bearings that are smoother like butter. These bearings provide a decent amount of speed and keep the wheels rolling efficiently.

Final Verdict

RD street series is my personal favorite choice because I started skateboarding with this one. It features an excellent design deck that is durable and will last for years. Apart from that, the board is lightweight and comes with high-quality trucks and other parts. If you are a street skater, you can definitely get the most out of this perfectly designed skateboard.

Final Words

After quite a bit of digging and gathering data from multiple sources, I wrote Roller derby skateboard review. I have tried my best to explain the brand and some of their popular skateboards from different angles to make it helpful.

Their skateboards consist of pure maple wood, which makes them relatively stronger. In addition to this, they are lightweight and perfect for all kinds of surfaces. If you have enjoyed reading this article, please share it with your friends and family to help them. Sharing it won’t cost you a penny, but it will help me reach my words to thousands of people.

Apart from that, if you want me to add any other helpful piece of information to this article, please let me know in the comments below. I highly appreciate suggestions and love to make my guides as helpful as possible.

Thanks For Reading!

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