Kryptonics Skateboard Review – Best 3 Picks In 2021

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Looking to buy a Kryptonics skateboard? want to know more about the brand and their skateboards? If yes then you are exactly in the right place. I spent some time on the internet and checked different platforms about the Kryptonics skateboards.

After a quite bit of digging and gathering data from multiple sources, I was able to write this Kryptonics skateboard review.

The main purpose of checking different sources was to make this article as helpful as I could. If I had written this review it would be based on a single person’s opinion which I think doesn’t make that much sense.

Now after gathering data from different subreddits and topics on quora I feel more comfortable and confident while writing. Anyways, that’s enough for the chitchat I guess, let’s not waste any more time and jump straight to the Kryptonics skateboard review.

A Few Words About The Kryptonics Brand – 2021

kryptonics is one of the oldest brands when it comes to skateboards and longboards. The company started working in 1960 and initially faced many challenges. Due to their hard work and constant dedication, they were able to earn the trust of different markets.

However, after 50 years of manufacturing wheels and complete skateboards, the company came into the spotlight of skateboarders. During this time, they produced some cheaper quality skateboards which made confusion.

Skateboarders started thinking this brand lack quality as compared to some other merchandise.

Having that said, the company still produces some excellent quality skateboards and longboards. In fact, I have gathered some of the highest quality products that you can consider if you are interested in Kryptonics skateboard.

Anyways, that was enough for the introduction and I hope you will have an idea why some people don’t like them.

With that said, let’s proceed further to the Kryptonics skateboard review and see some of my favorite options.

Kryptonics Skateboard Review – My Top 3 Picks

After checking different forums and gathering data from multiple sources, I cherry-picked some of the top-quality skateboards. Here are my top recommendations when it comes to Kryptonics skateboard review.

1. Kryptonics Locker Board – A Perfect Option for Newbies and Kids

Kryptonics Locker Board

General Specification

Deck Material Wood
Deck Size 22 inches
Trucks 5 inches
Wheels 50 mm
Bearings ABEC 5
Maximum Load Capacity 110 pounds

The first one on my list is the locker board from Kryptonics. It features some excellent qualities that make it different from the rest of the market. Apart from that, it is available at a very decent price which makes it highly affordable for everyone.

However, there are a few things you need to know before purchasing the board. Let’s take a closer look and see what are some of its positives and negatives and see whether it will be good for your style or not.

High-Quality Deck

The first thing that I love about this skateboard is the quality of its deck. It features a 22 inches long deck that possesses high-quality construction. The deck consists of 9-ply pure Canadian maple wood that makes it different from the rest of the market.

Kryptonics Locker Board

It is flexible enough and can sustain a decent load capacity of 110 pounds. However, it isn’t suitable for heavy riders as well as professional skateboarders. It is because of the small deck size and some other points which I am going to tell you in a moment.

Apart from that, the deck comes in a concave shape that gives better control during the ride. Not only it features a concave shape but the manufacturer has also done a splendid job by adding a double kicktail to the design.

It is highly suitable for beginners and those who are just starting out.

Plastic Trucks

Some people may say Ewww plastic trucks are you kidding me? but wait this isn’t for you. These trucks are by no means for professionals because they can’t sustain heavyweight and will not sustain ollies or kickflips.

However, for kids and beginner teenagers this is a gold mine. The price of the skateboard allows beginners to get it easily and ride it without any issue. However, if you still want to ride it for fun then I highly recommend switching the trucks to something else.

50mm PU Injected Wheels?

After taking a look at the trucks you might be interested to hear about the wheels of the Kryptonics locker board. Don’t worry, it features high-quality PU-based wheels that feature a softer construction.Kryptonics Locker Board

The skateboard comes equipped with 50 mm wheels that are just perfect for rough surfaces. However, as I mentioned earlier, it is only good for beginners and kids due to plastic trucks and smaller deck.

Things That I Like

  • High-quality deck
  • Decent wheels
  • Steel bearings
  • Faster
  • good for rough terrains
  • very lightweight
  • The compact size makes it suitable for lockers and backpacks

Things That I Don’t like

  • Plastic trucks
  • shorter deck

Final Verdict

The Kryptonics locker skateboard is only suitable for beginners and kids due to its construction. If you are a professional rider then this isn’t a good choice for you. It won’t tolerate heavyweight and hardcore tricks.

2. Kryptonics Drop-In Series 31 Inch Complete Skateboard – Professionals Choice

Kryptonics Drop-In Series 31 Inch

General Specification

Deck Material Wood
Deck Size 31 inches
Trucks 5 inches
Wheels 52 mm
Bearings ABEC-3
Maximum Load Capacity 220 pounds

If you are a professional rider and looking for a cool skateboard from Kryptonics then consider the Drop-In series. It is one of the highest quality skateboards that possesses some excellent features which makes it different from the rest of the market.

Here are a few things that you need to know before making the final decision about the Kryptonics drop-in series.

31-inch Full-Size Deck

The first thing that I noticed during my research was that most professional riders love 31 inches decks. It is because the full-size deck allows them to do almost any trick they want. Luckily I found the Kryptonics 31 inches deck for people with such taste.Kryptonics Drop-In Series

The skateboard features a high-quality deck that consists of 9-ply maple wood which adds to its durability. Moreover, the deck possesses a double kicktail design that provides full control over the board during the ride.

Such a deck is quite useful for parks as well as street skating. In addition to this, the board possesses a decent mechanism that will let you break easily and prevent accidents during the ride.

High-Quality Trucks

Apart from that decent quality deck, the drop-in series board comes with high-quality trucks. They are 5-inch aluminum trucks that help to ride smoothly without any issue. The height of the trucks is just appropriate which makes them quite reliable for people of all skill levels.

Lower trucks are more stable that’s why it provides full control over the board. You can ride it freely without any issue do all kinds of tricks to have fun while riding the board.

When it comes to loading capacity, they are quite durable which gives this skateboard a plus point over other available options.

Perfect Wheels For Streets And Parks

Another thing that I noticed while researching was the 52 mm wheels on this skateboard. It gives the board the extra power to overcome rough streets with blazing fast speed. Having that said, 52 mm is a pretty decent size which helps to get a good balance of speed and control at the same time.

Kryptonics Drop-In Series wheels

Moreover, the wheels are aided by ABEC-3 bearings which I am not a huge fan of. Performance-wise, there is nothing wrong with it. However, I love riding ABEC-5 and above because they are much smoother as compared to the ABEC-3.

Anyways, the ABEC-3 provides decent control over the board which helps to brush your skills further.

Things That I like

  • Can support up to 220 lbs of weight
  • suitable for people of age 8 and above
  • Perfect for streets and parks
  • Decent quality deck
  • stable trucks

Things That I Don’t like

  • ABEC-3 bearings aren’t that smooth to ride
  • Softer wheels

Final verdict

The Kryptonics drop-in series is quite an interesting option for those who want to master their skill. It comes with a full-size deck that provides solid control over the board. Apart from that, it is highly recommended for street skaters due to its high-quality PU wheels.

3. Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser – Best Overall Option

Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser

General Specification

Deck Material wood
Deck Size 30.5 inches
Trucks 6 inches
Wheels 60 mm
Bearings ABEC-5
Maximum Load Capacity 220 pounds

Last but not least, I have the Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser on my Kryptonics skateboard review. There are a few things that make it one of my favorite skateboards. The first thing is its availability in different colors and designs.

It gives you a wide range of options to choose from. Apart from that here are a few other things that may help you make a proper decision about this cruiser board.

30.5 Inch durable Deck

The Kryptonics super fat cruiser comes with a superb quality deck that features a premium quality wooden structure. The wood-based design of the deck makes it unique from other cruiser boards.Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser

At the same time, it is quite flexible which makes it even more durable than the plastic decks. Apart from that, the deck is 30.5 inches long which is just like a normal skateboard. This is a good thing for those who aren’t used to riding cruisers and pennies.

In addition to this, the board features a single kicktail design which is quite helpful in braking and control. It makes the board highly suitable for people who love gliding through the streets swiftly.

Higher And Durable Trucks

The next thing that I love about this particular skateboard is its high-quality trucks. Now the best thing is they are 6 inches high which makes this board different from the drop-in series. It may feel a bit less stable but the height of the trucks will let you ride more efficiently.

Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser

At the same time, it will help you overcome your fear of riding higher trucks which proves to be quite helpful in mastering ollies and other stunts. In addition to this, the durability of the trucks is of the next level.

It can sustain heavy loads without any issue. Moreover, the aluminum-based design allows them to be durable and lightweight at the same time which helps you to ollie a bit higher.

High-Quality PU Injected Wheels

When it comes to wheels, the quality is just mind-blowing. It features 65 mm wheels which are insanely faster in terms of speed. This skateboard will surely help you glide from block to block swiftly like a ninja.

Moreover, the wheels consist of polyurethane which adds to its durability. Also, they are harder in nature which features higher rebound and resulting in increased speed. However, harder wheels can be quite dangerous because even a small pebble can ruin your day while riding.

In addition to this, the manufacturer has done a splendid job by adding ABEC-5 bearings. They are super smooth like butter and helps to provide a much better riding experience.

Things That I like

  • Durable deck
  • better control
  • more stable rides
  • appropriately height trucks
  • Super smooth barrings
  • supports 220 lbs of weight

Things That I Don’t like

  • Nothing much to complain about

Final verdict

The super fat cruiser from Kryptonics is one of the best cruisers to ride. It features a high-quality deck that is ultimately durable. In addition to this, the board possesses decent trucks and high-quality wheels which is perfect for commuting and long-distance riding due to its excellent speed.


Final Thoughts

After gathering information from multiple sources, I was able to write this detailed Kryptonics skateboard review. Not only I wrote a detailed review of the brand but I also mentioned the best skateboards that currently the company manufactures.

Besides that, there are some other boards but to be honest I wasn’t sure about its quality. I will update this article later when I find more details about those other skateboards that the brand offers. Till now I hope this article has helped you in knowing the company from different angles.

I am sure after reading this review, you will be able to make the right decision and choose a perfect skateboard for yourself. However, if you are confused about the Kryptonics skateboards then I highly recommend going for the Kryptonics super fast cruiser.

Thanks For Reading!

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