Quip Skateboard Review In 2021 – (Latest Guide)

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You shouldn’t buy a quip skateboard before reading my quip skateboard review. In this article, I have explained this skateboard from various angles. After reading my guide, you will know whether it is the right board for your style or not.

Buying a skateboard may not sound that difficult, but you need to do some research when it comes to selecting the best skateboard.

Without perfect research, you will just waste your money on a junk board that may break after a few rides. Long story short, there are a few things that I like about the quip skateboard. Apart from that, the skateboard also possesses some cons, which I am going to mention too.

I will try my best to keep this review as transparent as possible. The primary goal is to help you know the skateboard better and make the right decision.

I am sure you must be excited; therefore, let’s stop wasting time and jump straight to my quip skateboard review.

A Quick Summary of The Quip Skateboard Review

Quip Skateboard Review

General Specification

Length 27 inches
Width 7.5 inches
Deck Plastic
ABEC Rating ABEC-7
Wheels 60x45mm
Bushing Rating 85A PU
Recommended Weight Limit 220 lbs


  • Highly durable deck
  • 5-inch aluminum trucks
  • Stable ride
  • Highly affordable skateboard
  • Comes with 60mm softer wheels
  • Faster and smoother bearings


  • Starts wobbling during downhill riding due to lighter weight
  • The deck may be too small for some people.
  • Not very good for stunts due to smaller size

A Few Words About The Brand

Quip is actually from one of the most well-known skateboard brands, i.e., retrospec. People know it better by Retrospec quip skateboard, while some people like to call it a mini-cruiser. Let me tell you a few things about the brand then we will move to the retrospec quip skateboard review.

Retrospec started with selling bikes. Due to the excellent quality of their products, the company could make its name in the market.

As soon as people began to trust their products, they expanded their production to other unique outdoor products. They started making skateboards, longboards, cruisers, penny boards, and surfboards.

I think that’s enough for the introduction to the brand. Don’t worry; I am not here to tell you boring stories and waste your time. I know you are here to read the quip skateboard review.

Available In Different Colors

One of the best things about the retrospec quip skateboard is its availability in different colors. During my research, I noticed that the board comes in 18 different colors. In my opinion, this is a considerable option to choose your favorite color from.

Quip Skateboard Review

I know some people don’t care too much about the color of the board. It is because they are just obsessed with the performance. Everyone has their taste, so we should always respect each other’s opinion, and that’s how the community grows. If you care about your board’s looks, then Retrospec won’t disappoint you with its wide range of options.

However, I also noticed that the skateboard comes in plain colors only. You may find a very minimal pattern on the board, but don’t expect to see some artwork. So if you are fond of skateboards with beautiful deck arts, this might not be the right choice.

High-Quality Plastic Deck

You may have ridden different skateboards before. Some of you might be getting this as your first skateboard but let me tell you something about it. It possesses a plastic deck instead of a wooden deck. This may sound like a very negative thing, but I am telling you not to judge a book by its cover.

The skateboard possesses an ultimate level of durability, which makes it a decent option. Even though the deck is all plastic, but it still does an outstanding job. The manufacturer has done a splendid job by increasing its overall durability.

As soon as you step on it, you will feel that the board’s deck is quite flexible and not stiff. This flexibility allows it to bear more stress without breaking apart. This is also the reason due to which the skateboard can carry a maximum load of 220 pounds.

It means even chubby riders can have a great time riding the Retrospec quip. Apart from that, the skateboard possesses a kicktail design deck which gives you more control over the board.

Highly Portable And Lightweight Design

The portability of the skateboard is essential for some people. Especially when you are a college student, you will want your skateboard to be as lightweight and portable as possible. The board’s lightweight design will let you carry it easily in your backpack without it annoying you.

Luckily the plastic deck of the quip skateboard makes it extremely lightweight. Unlike wooden boards, which may be heavier (not all of them), this one is straightforward to carry.

Its lightweight design allows you to carry it easily in your backpack without any issue. This way you can take your board anywhere you want, whether it be a cafe or your school.

Smaller But Efficient

Another thing that I want to mention here is the size of the deck. The Retrospec quip skateboard comes with a 27 inches deck which is a bit smaller than regular skateboards. If you are already riding regular skateboards, then this might take a little while to get used to.

However, once you figure out riding the board correctly, you will enjoy every minute of your ride. Like I mentioned earlier, it may be smaller than the regular boards, but I find it more fun to ride.

Stable Trucks

The Retrospec quip comes with 5-inch trucks, which offer a lower center of gravity. This lowered center of gravity actually helps to increase the overall stability of the skateboard. It allows even newbies to ride it easily without any issue at all.

Moreover, the trucks are also super sturdy as compared to some others on the market. This gives the skateboard an edge over some other available options of the same tier.

Apart from that, They neither too loose nor too tight, which makes them an excellent choice for those who are just starting off.

Faster And Smoother Bearings

The board comes equipped with ABEC-7 high-speed carbon bearings. These are currently the smoothest bearings that come with skateboards nowadays. It will let you ride

smoothly on your board without losing speed and momentum.

Like the deck and trucks of the board, the manufacturer has also ensured that they can bear the rider’s load.

Bigger And Softer Wheels

Lastly, let me tell you about its wheels. Retrospec quip comes with 60mm wheels which are more significant than the regular skateboard wheels. Usually, people love to ride 60mm wheels on their longboards.quip skateboard review

The wheels’ bigger size will let you ride on any kind of surface, whether it be a park or a street.

To make them more secure, the manufacturer has done a remarkable job. The wheels possess a Durometer rating of 85A, which is softer in nature. This softness of the wheels allows it to be useful on bumpy roads.

However, it may reduce the speed of the skateboard due to their lower rebound. Having that said, it is actually a positive thing because it makes the skateboard less scary to ride.


Final Words

After reading the Quip skateboard review, I hope you have learned a lot about it. I tried my best to be as transparent as possible while writing this review to make it as helpful. If you ask me about the board, I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

The skateboard comes with a bunch of cool features and that too at a very reasonable price. So if you have enjoyed reading this article, please share this article on different social media platforms.

Sharing this article won’t cost you a penny, but it can make someone’s day. If you want me to add anything to this article, please let me know in the comments. I love to make this quip skateboard review as helpful as possible.

Thanks For Reading!

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