Can You Use Skateboard Trucks on A Longboard?

A lot of beginners might be confused about a few things when it comes to skateboards and longboards. The main question is can you use skateboard trucks on a longboard?

Skateboard trucks should never be used on a longboard because they are narrow and smaller. Skateboard trucks are also less stable as compared to longboard trucks and are not meant for cruising purposes.

However, that’s not all because there is a lot more to learn about skateboarding and longboarding trucks.

It doesn’t mean that skateboarding trucks are useless or something like it. It simply means that they are not compatible with the longboards because of their size and shape difference.

Anyways, I have explained everything in detail to make it simple and easily understandable for you. If you are interested to learn more then scroll down and keep on reading.

Are Skateboard Trucks And Longboard Trucks The Same?

Skateboard trucks are much smaller, narrower, and less stable. They are not meant for cruising purposes as compared to longboard trucks. Longboard trucks are wider, bigger, and have a better stability mechanism too.

The difference between longboard trucks and skateboard trucks is that the former has a lower angle of lean (approx 19-21 degrees) whereas the latter has a higher degree of lean (approx 30-38 degrees).

Can You Use Skateboard Trucks On A Longboard?

Longboard trucks are also way more stable than skateboard trucks and have better cruising mechanisms. This is why people use longboards for all sorts of nimble activities such as dancing, going down hills, etc, and not just used for riding around.

Skateboard trucks are used for breaking and some people might not agree with me but they have nothing to do when it comes to cruising.

This is why skateboarders use longboards a lot more than their normal boards because the former is much better suited in most ways to break into things.

What Is The Appropriate Size For Longboard Trucks?

There is no fixed length of trucks for longboards and that’s because there are a lot of people who use different kinds of trucks on their decks.

However, the most common size for longboard trucks is around 7″ to 8″. If you compare them with skateboard trucks then they will be much smaller in size without any doubt.

Skateboard trucks can be used on longboards but they will look weird and funky which basically means that you won’t be able to do the tricks properly as compared to your normal boards.

That’s why I would suggest a beginner stay away from this idea because skateboard trucks aren’t designed for cruising boards. Skateboarding trucks are only meant for breaking and tricks.

Hence, if you use them on a longboard then it won’t be able to perform all the tricks that are possible when used with a skateboard.

Can You Use Longboard Trucks on A Skateboard?

I would suggest that you don’t do this because longboards and skateboards are very different from each other.

However, if you still want to use them on a skateboard then it is possible somehow but only for breaking purposes because of their low angle of lean.

Hence, longboard trucks can be used on a shortboard but are not designed for cruising purposes which makes the former option the better of the two.

What Is Good About Skateboard Trucks?

Skateboard trucks aren’t good at cursing but are very good for breaking purposes because of their low angle of lean and stability factors.

Can You Use Skateboard Trucks On A Longboard?

Hence, if you want to break then I would suggest that you use skateboards rather than longboards and would also suggest that you use shortboards as well instead of longboards for breaking only.

What Trucks Can You Do on A Longboard?

What I mean by this question is that you can use anything on your longboard as long as it doesn’t make the board look funky.

The best thing about boards and trucks is that they don’t cost much in comparison to other things. So, you may want to try out different kinds of trucks and see what actually works better for you.

In addition, you will also get to know what is better for your style of riding and see if they fit the bill in that regard or not.

That being said, I would suggest trying out some standard skateboard trucks before moving on to more advanced longboard trucks.

Does Truck Size Matter In A Longboard?

Of course trucks size matter a lot in a longboard. Here’s is why:

Truck size is just like the size of a wheel in longboarding. If you buy a 7″-8″ truck, the board will have a smaller turning radius and vice versa for bigger trucks.

In addition to all this, trucks also come with different degrees of lean and lower degree trucks are way better suited for cruising whereas nimble and quick turning trucks are preferred with more lean and for tricks.

Truck size is also important because it has a lot of impact on the width of your board as well as the turning radius.

In addition to all this, truck size matters a lot in determining speed as well so you should be aware of that before buying longboard trucks for yourself.

Which Way Should Trucks Face on A Longboard?

It’s up to you as a longboard rider whether you want your trucks facing forward or backward.

However, there are a lot of factors that come into play when deciding this and it would be better left to the user because they know what works best for them.

For example, some people might like more stability at high speeds in their boards and prefer to face trucks backward which makes the board stiffer.

On other hand, having forward-facing trucks will give you more maneuverability because of their low degree of lean but at the same time make your board too wobbly for stable high speeds.

In addition to all this, there is no right direction in determining what should be the front of the board for you. As long as it works better for you and makes your riding smooth, go for it because there is n number of factors that can come into play in this regard.

How Should Trucks Be Placed on A Longboard?

This question is not easy to answer but I would say that the placement of trucks shouldn’t affect your riding too much.

However, keeping the front of your board facing forward is always a good idea because that way you will be more stable even if the speed increases which makes it easier to ride at high speeds.

In addition to all this, having trucks in the front and back is always a better idea rather than just having them on one side because then you can turn corners easily.

Do Longboard Trucks Make Your Board Faster?

Not really, but they can help you ride faster through rough terrains since the speeds will remain the same throughout the journey and that is what makes it more stable at high speeds.

If you want to have some stability in your riding and prefer to go fast at high speeds then you can definitely consider longboard trucks.

What Are Double Kingpin Trucks Good For?

Double kingpin trucks are very good for beginners because it helps a lot in making their riding stable.

Since the driver is way closer to the deck of the board, this makes steering much easier at lower speeds and that’s why people like double kingpin trucks more than standard ones.

In addition to all this, these kinds of trucks also make your turning radius wider which makes it easier for you to turn corners.

Therefore, double kingpin trucks are good for beginners who are just starting out and need stability in their riding before moving on to more advanced tricks and stunts.

What Is More Important For Longboard Trucks?

There are a lot of things that come into play when it comes to buying this kind of equipment so it’s better if you consider all these factors before buying them.

The first thing that you should look for when buying longboard trucks is their size and weight because the smaller they are, the more maneuverable your board will be.

In addition to all this, you should also look at the material used in making them because it will also affect your riding experience.

Other factors that can come into play when buying longboard trucks include price, quality of materials, stability, durability, and better riding experience.

Which Bearings Are Good For Longboard Trucks?

There are a lot of bearings available in the market and some of them include Abec 7 bearings These bearings will work perfectly with your longboard because they’re very popular among skaters and boarders these days.

However, other than this kind of bearings there are also ABEC 5 bearings and they’re way cheaper but they don’t last as long as Abec 7 bearings.

In addition to all this, some people prefer having only one bearing for each truck while others like using 4 different ones in them. However, I would suggest you buy Abec 7 bearings because they are not as expensive and will give you good speeds.


can you put skateboard trucks on a longboard? well, technically there is nothing that can stop you from putting skateboard trucks on a longboard. However, it doesn’t mean you should put them on your longboard because they are just too small for longboards.

Apart from that, skateboard trucks aren’t meant for cruising and stuff that you do regularly on a longboard. In addition to this, the smaller size of the trucks will make your longboard super unstable which is a superb way of breaking your arms, jaws, or any other part of your body during the ride.

So in the end, I will highly recommend avoiding using skateboard trucks on a longboard and get appropriate size trucks for your board. It will help you enjoy your riding sessions and will reduce the risk of accidents and injuries provided that you ride carefully.


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