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This article is about the Alameda skateboard review in which I will tell you about some of the pros and cons of this skateboard. I know most skateboarders don’t like boards from Amazon or Walmart but sometimes you can find a gem in Amazon and Walmart.

Therefore, instead of judging a skateboard based on the vendor, I wanted to know how good the board itself is. I know if I told you something based on my personal experience it won’t be a satisfactory answer because opinion from a single person has nearly no value.

Keeping this in mind, I did some research about it before writing the Alameda skateboard review.

alameda skateboard review

Here’s what I found during my search.

Alameda Skateboard Review

General Specification

Brand Retrospec
Deck Width 8 inches
Deck Length 31 inches
Deck Material Maple Wood
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Wheel Size 52mm
Wheel Durometer Rating 95A
Trucks Size 5.5 Inches
Trucks Material Aluminum Alloy
Bearings ABEC-7 precision Chrome Bearings

Things That I like

  • A great all-around skateboard that is durable, strong, and reliable.
  • Very affordable price tag which makes it a great choice for beginners or just having fun without spending too much money on the product.
  • Comes with soft wheels that don’t glide well over smooth and glossy surfaces.
  • The surface is suitable for grinding and carving without any problem at all which makes it a perfect choice for experienced skaters as well.
  • Comes with an 8-inch deck which gives you enough space to learn new tricks or stunts without getting hurt while doing so.

Things That I Don’t Like

  • Not best suited for skating in wet environments, although you can use it in wet conditions if you don’t mind a few bruises here and there.
  • Not best suited for professional skateboarding but rather good enough for beginners to learn some cool tricks without spending too much money on the product.
  • Wheels do not slide over smooth surfaces, however, this does not mean that they cannot be used on such surfaces.
  • The bolts on the trucks may require some adjustments in order to get rid of some wobbling noise that most beginners complain about it.


The skateboard is made from maple wood so it offers great durability. This means that the board won’t develop any kind of cracks or breaks even after using it for a long time.

It consists of 7-ply maple that makes it quite sturdy and will last for years without any issue at all. It is one of those skateboards that will help you grind your ollies like a champ and will last every single drop from the staircase.

However, one thing that I noticed about this skateboard is that the deck may not last for too long if exposed to water. Therefore, if you are thinking about taking this board out for skating in rain then this isn’t a good option to go with. However, I don’t recommend skating in rain or in wet environments because it is generally too risky.


Retrospec has equipped Alameda with 5.5-inch aluminum trucks to enhance its performance and strength levels. These trucks are perfect for beginners and you can use them with a lot of ease.

Alameda Skateboard Review

Moreover, the truck’s design is quite simple which makes it very easy to maneuver and turn corners while you riding down the slope. This will make you feel like you are on cloud 9.

However, if you have been skateboarding for long enough then you should upgrade your trucks to get better control of the board.


Alameda comes with 52mm size polyurethane wheels that ensure you have a more stable ride while skating down the slope. These kinds of wheels are best for those who skate on the ground and not perfectly smooth surfaces because they don’t glide well over smooth surfaces.

Alameda Skateboard Review wheels

However, the wheels are soft enough to absorb any kind of bumpy roads or rough surfaces without any problem at all. The wheels also have a 95A rating which is quite standard and this will help you learn grinding tricks faster than if the rating was lower.


The skateboard comes with ABEC-7 precision chrome bearings which are perfect for your needs. You can use the bearings in any kind of skateboarding environment and they will last you for months without any problem at all.

If you want to get better performance from the board then replacing them with high-performance bearings is possible. Just keep a few bucks aside and you will be good to go in no time.

Construction And Design

Alameda is a great skateboard with 8 inches deck that will allow beginners to learn tricks in the beginning and intermediate riders to become good experts in the game.

It is very durable due to its maple wood and a 7-ply layer of construction which makes it sturdier than other skateboards out there. The skateboard is also great for carving and grinding.

What I love about Alameda is that it comes with some nice-looking graphics that will make you the coolest kid in school. This board may not look like a professional skateboard but it surely can perform as well as one!

It has all the features required to help beginners learn tricks in no time at all. The price is also quite affordable which means you can get this for the same amount as other boards that are not as good as Alameda.

The overall construction of the skateboard makes it one of those boards which you will never feel like replacing with a new unit at all but rather keep using for years to come. Therefore, you can consider Alameda for your school bus rides to and from.


This skateboard has an amazing construction which makes it very easy to control and maneuver around small places. However, if you are a beginner then you will also have to get used to the shape of the board before using it on steep slopes.

This board is not meant for riding down steeper inclines because there is no good way for beginners to control the board.

Keep in mind that there are many different boards with different shapes and sizes available on the market which means you must try them out to see if they fulfill your requirements. I recommend using a longboard design for beginners because they provide much better stability levels than others.

However, what makes this skateboard unique is that it has a very catchy design that will turn you into the coolest kid in school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Alameda Skateboards Good?

Alameda is a pretty good skateboard for beginners and intermediate players. It comes with all the features you need to become a great skater in no time at all. The price tag is also quite affordable which means that everyone can get it without making any major dent in their pockets.

Why Should I Choose Alameda Over Other Brands?

The skateboard is quite good in value for your money’s worth. It comes with all the features that you need to learn cool tricks without spending too much on the product. Therefore, Alameda is one of those boards which can help you become a great or expert enough so that others will be asking you how to do such cool stunts!

Is Alameda A Good Skateboard For Beginners?

Alameda is a pretty good beginner’s board. It comes with all the features that you need to learn how to do cool stunts and tricks without getting hurt while doing so. The skateboard is also very durable which means that you can keep using it for months or even years without any major downfall to its quality.

Will Alameda Help Me Learn New Moves or Tricks?

Alameda is an amazing skateboard that has all the features that you need to make learning new stunts easier than ever before. It comes with soft wheels which means that it won’t hurt you while doing some cool grinding and carving tricks.

Why Buy Alameda Over Another Brand?

Alameda is a well-known company in the skateboard industry. Their boards are durable, strong, reliable, and affordable which makes them a great choice for nearly anyone without having to spend a fortune on their products.

What’s So Special About Alameda Skateboards?

Alameda offers amazing value for your money’s worth. The skateboard is very durable, strong, reliable, and affordable which makes it a great choice for both beginners or expert skaters without having to spend too much on it.

Can This Board Be Used in Polluted Areas?

Alameda can be used in wet environments but is not recommended to use in polluted areas as the wheels are not designed for wiping out on harsh surfaces and do not last long in such areas.

How is the Durability?

The Alameda skateboard is quite durable as it comes with strong wheels that do not wear off easily even after months of usage, this makes it a perfect choice for beginners who want to learn some cool tricks without spending too much money on the product.

What is the Weight Limit?

The skateboard can take a maximum of 140 pounds which means that you can use it for a long time before you have to replace it with another one or get hurt while using it. Remember, you should also try not to break any bones if possible. How much does this board weigh?

The skateboard weighs around 6.8 lbs which is quite a lot considering its other features. This makes it suitable for those who live in areas where the streets are windy and have lots of bumps on them as such surfaces require more weight to be able to keep the balance.

Conclusion: Should I Buy Alameda Skateboard?

I hope you have read the Alameda skateboard review completely if you have made it this far. Is it the right skateboard for you?

\well, it depends on your skill level. If you are a professional skateboarder and want to try something different then I will recommend this skateboard to you.

It may not be as rough and tough as the Santa Cruz skateboards, However, it is still quite a tough board for street skating. Besides that, beginners can also make good use of it to master their skills and grind down their first ollie.

I would definitely recommend you giving it a try and see for yourself how good this skateboard is.

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