Learn To Skateboard For Adults | 12 Tips In 2021

The Learn to skateboard for adults might seem very hard at first it isn’t as it seems. Have you developed an interest in skateboarding recently? If you have that means you’ve decided to live your life with joy and enthusiasm and honestly, that’s how we are meant to live life.

Dull, boring routines can suck the soul out of us and sports like skating are not just meant for kids, we adults could learn and become pros at them as well.

However, there’s just one small catch and that is that becoming natural at skating takes time, effort, and a few bruises. Bruises? Yes, we know that’s not a good way to teach someone skateboarding, but we don’t want you to get too excited and suddenly disheartened by the reality.

Watching professionals can fool you into thinking that skateboarding is too easy but they don’t show the thousands of hours that these players spend perfecting their craft.

If you know how to ride a bicycle or even a motorcycle you will recall the danger of falling and how difficult it is to keep balance in your early days. The same is the case for skateboarding. If you just manage to keep your balance when the skateboard is rolling consider this as your victory.

Choosing The Right Learn To Skateboard For Adult Size

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Choosing the right type of skateboard for adults is an art itself. But you don’t have to worry because our step by step guide has got you covered

Easiest Skateboards To Ride

Now that we’ve cautioned you about the injuries that can happen when learning to skateboard, we hope you’ve developed a beginner’s mindset and will, therefore, take it easy.

This means choosing a slow skateboard. Yes, you heard it right. Different skateboards have different speeds and if you’re a beginner you don’t want to get yourself a full fast skateboard that professional skaters use.

Slow skateboards are also cheaper than fast skateboards and are therefore a more viable option for beginners as they are more likely to quit after a few months. If that happens to be you, then buying a slower skateboard will save you money.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the size of the board or as it is called the “deck” of the skateboard. So, when it comes to the size of the deck, two dimensions are considered length and width. The width is more important than the length because it plays a crucial role in balancing and speed.

Skateboard decks are usually 7.5”-8.25” wide and for adults wider decks are preferred. However, that doesn’t mean that you buy one that is too wide for you because it will require too much force to keep it going. Whereas if it’s narrower than your foot, you’ll find it hard to balance yourself when it is moving.

The rule of thumb is to stand over the deck and see if there is a little space left from the toes of your feet to the edge and from your heel to the edge close to it. If there is a little space then it’s perfect for you, if not then it’s smaller than you require.

If on the other hand, the space is too much, then it’s way more than what you need. For adults having foot size 9 and above, we recommend 8”+ width and 7.5-8” for adults whose foot size is 8-9.

Although length is less important than width like we’ve said above if you’re still interested, we suggest you buy any that is in the range of 28″- 32″ from toe till the tail.

Keep in mind if you don’t like the skateboards available you can always get the customized one, although that would cost you more.

Are Penny Boards Easier?

Yes, penny boards are easier for children, not adults. They are too small for adults to do any type of skateboarding on them. They will fall off every time they step on its deck. They were meant for children who are too young or too small in size and find it hard to learn normal-sized skateboards.

Are Penny Boards Easier

Keep in mind the penny board we are talking about here is the 22″ one whereas some people refer to the 32″ as the keyboard but the 32″ skateboard is in fact the cruiser variant. A 27″ nickel variant is also for children age 9-13.

Also, penny boards are not for tricks, you can only use them to learn to balance yourself and for simple cruising. Sure, you might find some skaters doing tricks on penny boards but know that these skaters learn and perfect their craft on other boards and then move on to a penny board.

What Is the Best Age To Start Skateboarding?

Although there is no restriction of age to start skateboarding as you can find men and women in their 60s and even 70s setting their feet on a skateboard for the first time and becoming natural on it in just a few months. However, the earlier you start the better.

Try practicing twice or thrice a week and wear protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. Since falls are common in skateboarding, your protective gear will become a lifesaver for you. You can also try wearing shoes that have more cushion around the Achilles and heel because this is where the impact is the highest when you fall.

Without protective gear and measure prepare for an injury that will not only jeopardize your skating dreams but can also leave a life-long injury.

Is It Dangerous To Skateboard?

Yes, skateboarding is a dangerous sport because you have to keep your balance while your board is sliding past different slopes and surfaces. It gets even more dangerous when you try to do tricks like the most famous Ollie or the kickflip. If you’re 30 or older, you’ll have to go slow as your reflexes will not be as fast as that of teenagers.

Dangerous To Skateboard

What’s more dangerous is that skateboards break down while skaters are riding them or doing tricks. Although this rarely happens when it does it leaves quite nasty injuries. To avoid this backdrop, regularly check the health of your skateboard. Keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear.

Usually, maple wood is used to make the deck for skateboards and in 7-ply. Ply means thin layers of wood layers one on top of the other resulting in a very strong combination. Although the number can increase or decrease 7-ply is not bad either and maple wood is also a strong wood for skateboard decks. There are some lightest skateboard helmets available that can provide additional protection

Is Skateboarding Safe For Kids?

Yes and no, it depends on what age do you have in mind. Skateboarding is too dangerous for kids age less than five and we strongly suggest you not let your kids of this age try skateboarding. This is because kids at this age have a slow response rate and they are less likely to improvise during a fall.

Skateboarding Safe For Kids

From age six to twelve, kids cannot only play well but it is the time when prodigies are made. Take for example Sky Brown from Miyazaki, Japan who is a pro skater at age 8 and is the youngest ever female skater to compete in the Vans US Open Pro Series. Similarly, Brighton Zeuner was only 11 years old when she won the Vans Park Series World Championship. Asher Bradshaw was able to land a reference 900 at the age of 10, something that Tony Hawk was able to do the first time when he was 31.

Conclusively, it means if you should let your kid play if he or she is older than 5 but make sure they are wearing protective gear while they are skateboarding.

When Should You Start Skateboarding?

Like we’ve said before there is no age for skateboarding, just start now while taking precautionary measures. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too old or too young to skateboard. Just keep in mind to go slow if you’re a beginner. Learn the art of balancing yourself while directing the board.

Can Cruiser Skateboards Do Tricks?

Yes, definitely but don’t go all in while you haven’t mastered simple cruising on a skateboard.

What Skateboard Tricks Should I Learn First?

We know mastering tricks is exciting and everyone wants to do it to show off to their friends and family, but beginners should avoid them. Skateboarding is a difficult sport and sometimes even keeping your balance can become quite hard. The professionals that you have seen at the television shows have perfected their craft and therefore they make it seem so easy.

However, if you’re still interested we suggest starting from the manual trick and then move to Shuvit/shove-it and so on.

How Do You Do An Ollie Step By Step?

Pulling out an Ollie is every skateboarding beginner’s dream and therefore to help you try it out we will enlist a few steps on how to do a successful Ollie.

  • Stand on your board with your back foot on the tail and your front foot in the center of the deck or preferably above the front wheels.
  • Press the tail with your back foot and jump while your front foot is the nose of the board but not applying any load.
  • By now you will be in the air along with your skateboard and you should now be looking forward to your landing. Make sure your front foot is as close to the nose as possible because this will ensure you keep your balance when the skateboard comes back to the ground.
  • As you land along with your skateboard keep your center of gravity in line with the skateboard. In simple words that means keep your weight on the center of the board while your feet are on the ends of the deck.
  • Keep trying and soon you’ll be a natural at this.

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Ollie?

Not as much as it seems but depends on how frequently you practice.

Ollie On A Cruiser VS On A Longboard

Cruiser boards are meant for cruising and commuting, trying ollies and other tricks are just not what they are made for. If you do try to pull out an Ollie on a cruiser board know that the chance of falling is higher as the trucks and the deck is not ideal to handle that kind of impact.

When it comes to longboards, yes you can pull out an Ollie on them, but it will take more effort than it would on a normal skateboard. However, once you master it you will feel natural at a longboard and they do have more shock-absorbing capacity.


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