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if you have just embarked on a skateboarding journey then there is a lot to learn. The first thing you need to know is how tight should skateboard trucks be?

The Skateboard truck set is totally up to the rider. tighter trucks on skateboards provide a better experience on faster rides. They are stable and don’t wobble too much. On the other hand, loose trucks are more preferred for tricks and stunts.

However, there are pros and cons to each type of truck. If you want to discover more about tight and loose trucks on boards then you need to keep on reading.

I’ve explained everything in this article to make you a pro before you step on your skateboard. Even if you are a pro skater, I am sure you will learn a lot of things here.

Should My Skateboard Trucks Be Loose or Tight?

The first thing that you need to decide your own setup before even starting to practice. Whether you need loose trucks or tighter ones that are totally up to your style. I know you are a beginner and you don’t know anything yet.

However, you shouldn’t panic as I am here to help you. As for tighter trucks, the deck will be stable most of the time. There won’t be any wobbling motion without purpose which provides a comfortable experience.

Should My Skateboard Trucks Be Loose Or Tight?

No matter whether you are just riding on the plain ground or practicing your ollies you will find it very easy. Another advantage of tight trucks is that they are more friendly to your ankles. If you are a beginner then you should be ready for a lot of scars and bruises.

One of the main injuries that almost all skateboarders experience is the ankle. If you are riding tighter trucks then there won’t be a lot of motion. As a result, the chances of ankle injuries are less as compared to loose trucks.

Apart from that, tighter trucks allow you to ollie higher as you will have much better control over your board. Thus if you want all these mentioned perks then feel free to ride tighter trucks. However, if you want to take big risks and enjoy your riding to its maximum level then you can choose loose trucks.

One of the main advantages of loose trucks is more turning radius. Unlike tighter ones that reduce your turning radius, you have the option to steer freely. Moreover, loose trucks allow better landings as compared to tighter ones. So if you are up for taking risks for some advantages then you can use loose trucks.

Can We Adjust Skateboard Trucks For Ourselves?

Some people may find it a bit confusing but skateboard optimization is the easiest task. You don’t need to worry about anything as the more you experiment the more you will learn. If you are thinking about adjusting your trucks on the skateboard yourself then feel free.

Can We Adjust Skateboard Trucks for Ourselves?

If you have the right type of equipment you can adjust skateboard trucks yourself without any problem. This gives you more control and allows you to find the sweet spot of settings that is perfect for you. Simply pick up your tools and start configuring your board’s sensitivity.

The best way to adjust your skateboard trucks is to set them up and ride for a while. Try to ride it for a distance and see whether you are comfortable with it or not. Always make sure to tighten your trucks to the point where your wheels don’t touch the deck.

Can You Over Tighten Skateboard Trucks?

If you are playing around with your trucks try not to be too harsh. With a little bit of extra pressure, you can over-tighten the skateboard trucks. Over tightening will always result negatively as the bolt may slip and become useless.

As a general rule of thumb always tighten them to the wood surface only. Make sure your nut isn’t embedded into the wood. This is an optimal tightening level for all kinds of skateboards.

Adjusting The Tightness

Just as I mentioned earlier, there is no specific level for the nut. You will need to find your own settings that you find comfort during the ride.

However, I highly recommend setting it to a specific level that you are ok with. It will help you in mastering a lot of techniques in very little time. If you want to adjust the tightness of your trucks I suggest keeping the tool in your pocket and go to a park or somewhere sage.

Now before doing anything you need to stand right on your board. Shift your weight to different sides and you will experience your deck will also shift to that point. This is where the trucks play their role. If your skateboard isn’t tilting at all then you need to loosen the trucks.

By doing this you will be able to set up your trucks for a static position. The next thing to do is to configure the optimal setting for a moving board. You can do this by pushing on the board for a while. During the ride make sure you keep shifting your weight in different directions.

If your wheels and deck are at a distance from each other during turning then the trucks are good. You don’t need to loosen them any further. However, if you experience wheel bite then tighten them a little.

After making the adjustments ride the board once more and see if the issue is solved or not. If it isn’t then you need to readjust otherwise you will be good to go.

Are Tight Trucks Better For Tricks?

Yes, tighter trucks provide more stability. If you are a beginner then you must start with tight trucks. It is because you will have more control over your deck and have to deal with less wobbling.

Are Tight Trucks Better For Tricks?

If you want to learn cruising on your board, tighter trucks will be good for you due to less wobbling and wheel bite issues. However, once you feel comfortable enough you need to loosen them a little.

The goal is to reach an optimal level that allows better control and handling at the same time. I mean your skateboard trucks should be tight enough to feel comfortable and loose enough to ride freely. It shouldn’t kill your maneuverability at all.

Is It Easier to Ollie With Tight Trucks?

I know how hard and scary it feels when you are learning your ollie. Jumping on a platform with wheels that can move freely is very hard. However, when you still sum up all of your courage and want to give it a try make sure your skateboard is in good condition.

Tight trucks are extremely helpful for learning ollies. The reason is the same that I already mentioned over and over again. Tighter trucks are stable, easy to ride, and super comfortable. However, they kill the maneuverability of the board which is totally not recommended.




In this article, I’ve explained the concept of tight and loose skateboard trucks. If you don’t know how tight should skateboard trucks be then you must read this article. With that said, there is no specific point to which you need to tighten your trucks.

You will need to keep playing with it until you find the sweet spot on your trucks that feels comfortable for you. Your trucks should offer maximum maneuverability and a comfortable riding experience to ensure better rides.

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