How To Get The Right Size Trucks For Skateboards? – 2021 Guide

How to Get the Right Size Trucks is an interesting question. Especially for beginners if you guys are building your custom skateboard for the first time. Now Building a skateboard requires a certain level of knowledge. The first thing which you should keep in mind is the purpose of your boards.

Now before we learn to choose a truck size for skateboards, I will tell you a short story. Back in the days when I started taking an interest in skateboarding, I didn’t know anything about it. I still remember when my friend asked me about my trucks’ brand. My reply was hilarious, “Dude, I ride skateboards, not trucks.” That day everyone laughed at me so hard.

I, then, learned that skateboard trucks are actually T-shaped instruments below the deck. Without the right size and quality of skateboard trucks, the board is incomplete. I mean you just can’t take it to the parks and make some awe-inspiring moves on it. I didn’t only learn what skateboard trucks are, but also I learned about different sizes.

Skateboard trucks come in different sizes and compositions. Usually, they are made of “Aluminum” and sometimes of different combinations. Skateboard trucks consist of various parts themselves.

These Parts Are As Follow

  • Base Plate A component that is attached to the deck directly.
  • Kingpin  A bolt that helps all the parts combine together to form a single unit.
  • Axle That holds the wheels of a skateboard.
  • Top and bottom bushings Used for support of the axle.

The quality of all these parts will determine how good your skateboard trucks are

How Important Are Trucks On A Skateboard?

The importance of trucks on a skateboard can be described straightforwardly. It is the central part that connects the wheels and the board together. Without the right trucks, your skateboard is just a fancy wooden plank with a piece of grip tape wasted on it.

How Important are Trucks on a Skateboards 

Trucks are one of the essential components for every skateboard that makes it able for parks and street rides. Selecting the right type of skateboard trucks can be a challenge if you don’t have the proper knowledge.

Trucks are usually sold in pairs. It is a common thing. Of course, no one would ever buy a single piece of the truck to build their professional board. After all, it is a pair of trucks that make a skateboard complete.

How Are Skateboard Trucks Measured?

There are two methods used for the measurement of skateboard trucks. Some people measure it by axle width while some by its hanger. You can measure it easily with a measuring tape and see if it is the right size for you.

If you are going to order them online make sure you check out the mentioned size first. The position of your wheels will totally depend on the width of your trucks. A narrow axle width will result in wheels closer to each other, and as a result, it will affect stability.

As far as I know, skateboard trucks are universal. It totally depends on your deck size and the purpose of the board. You can choose any brand for your deck without any problem. However, the only thing that you should keep in mind is the size. I mean if you want to fit a large size truck on a small pony board that is not appropriate.

Are Wider Trucks For Skateboards Better?

You should always look for the truck size that fits best on your deck. There is no advantage of wide or narrow trucks. It will only affect your board performance. As for wider trucks the wheels may not fit under the deck.

It will cost you poor performance on your flip tricks. Similarly, the trucks wider than the deck will result in an unstable center of gravity. A right size truck will always match the width of its deck. It will not overshoot or undershoot the deck width.

Selecting The Right Height of Your Trucks For Skateboards

The height of trucks has a direct relation to its rider’s height and wheel size. Higher trucks will require more pushing down of the tail. It can be suitable for somebody taller while short people such as kids will struggle with Ollies.

Selecting the right Height of your Trucks for skateboards

If your trucks are too short, then chances are your wheels might touch the board when taking turns. You will never want running wheels touching the deck. As it will ruin the deck over time and serious injuries can occur sometimes.

A significant problem when selecting the right height is there is no standard height for trucks. The height values vary for different manufacturers. For instance, the trucks from Independent and thunder are different though they might be marked as high.

After doing a little bit of research online, I found an online source called “Skatedelux.” They have categorized the three different sizes on the basis of values.

They have placed truck sizes from 46 to 49mm in the low category. While the sizes 50 to 53mm and 53.5 to 58mm in medium and high groups respectively.

Deck And Truck Size Guide

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Can I Put Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard Deck?

Longboards are different from regular skateboards. If you have seen one they are quite bigger than the regular boards. For bigger boards of course the hardware will also be bigger. This means you should not mix the two of them together unless you want to build something hybrid.

There is a problem with Longboard Trucks on a skateboard. that is the longboard trucks being designed specifically for longboards are bigger. This means they have their own center of gravity and other necessary calculations that makes the board stable. 

If you use longboard trucks on regular skateboard chances are you may lose stability. Your skateboard may rise a little bit which can be quite uncomfortable. The other problem is with the wheels. Since longboard trucks are bigger it means if your wheels and trucks are not compatible you will experience wheel bite. We all want to avoid wheel bite as much as possible. 

You will have to change your wheels according to the size of the trucks. However, if you are ok with that feel free to do it. The positive thing about longboard trucks is that they are usually designed for rough roads. If you are skateboarding on the streets then it can be a good thing for you. 

Appropriate Size Trucks For Skateboards

After looking at the categories selecting the right size should be clear now. If you are someone who prefers stability and more control on your board, go for the small truck size. Its value ranges from 46mm to 49mm. Small size is also ideal for kids and beginners as it allows the deck to be closer to the ground. However, selecting the small size will also have an impact on the choice of wheel size.

For small truck sizes, you should go for wheels around 50mm or 51mm. It is because wheels with a larger diameter for such sizes can result in wheel bites. Wheel bite is a term used in skateboarding. It is the phenomenon when the wheels of a skateboard touch it’s deck during the ride. To avoid wheel bites on lower trucks, make sure you use riser pads.

You should keep in mind that low trucks are not recommended for the streets. Because streets are not made for skateboarding only, and it usually has a rough surface. Running small trucks on the roads will often cause wheel bites. However, they are safe for skate parks. Skate parks are explicitly made for skateboarding so they should perform well there.

If you are confused about what to choose for yourself, then go for the medium size. It ranges from 50mm to 53mm and is a perfect fit for all-around skateboards. The ideal wheel size for medium trucks ranges from 52mm to 56mm.

Trucks larger than the sizes mentioned above are fit for professionals. It allows the riders to perform higher ollies and has almost zero risks of wheel bites. It is not recommended for short people as well as beginners due to their less stability. You can fit any size of wheels on high trucks.

Note:- Don’t panic if you are not sure about choosing appropriate wheels for trucks. We have got you covered just keep reading. 

Here Are A Quick Trucks And Recommended Wheel Size Guide

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Skateboard Trucks Lifespan

How long do skate trucks last totally depends on how you treat them. The manufacturing quality also has a high impact on trucks’ life span. Usually, good-quality skateboard trucks last for three to four years. It also depends on your skating level. If you are a professional skateboarder, then you will do a lot of Ollies and flips. Such aggressive skateboarding may cause the trucks to wear out quickly.

Skateboard Trucks Lifespan

For better quality, you should look for trucks made of aluminum. Aluminum skateboard trucks are usually light and durable, and they also cost less as compared to other trucks.

Best Trucks For Skateboards

We have a detailed article on selecting the best trucks for skateboards on our blog. However, there are different brands available in the market. Some of them provide really reliable trucks for skateboards.

Loose vs Tight Trucks For Skateboards

If you are confused about whether to choose between loose trucks or tight trucks, then don’t worry. I am going to help you select the most appropriate level for yourself. If you leave your trucks, they will help you in taking turns much more quickly. Some people think that loose trucks are dangerous. However, in my opinion, tight trucks are far more dangerous than loose ones.

Imagine you are going to hit something on the way and you take a turn to avoid it. Thank your loose trucks for that turn otherwise you would have smashed that object. Also, make sure you don’t leave them too loose to an uncomfortable level. However, loose trucks can be challenging and not as easy as you might think. It can be harder to ride as compared to tight trucks.

There are no ideal tight or loose settings for the trucks; it all depends on you. Make sure you use the setting you are most comfortable with.



Skateboard trucks are its essential component. It makes a skateboard able to run on streets or parks. Having a proper set of skateboard trucks is very important to avoid different unwanted problems. You should select the truck size that fits your board’s deck. It should not overshoot or undershoot your deck. You can measure the trucks from their hanger width or their axle’s width.

Selecting the right height has its own benefits a street skateboarder should choose wisely. It is because the streets are very different from skate parks, and as a result, the experience will be different. The height of your trucks also affects the wheels’ heights. Make sure you are having the right type of wheel size along with the right trucks.

Lower trucks should never be equipped with larger wheels as it will cause wheel bites. Also, high trucks will result in less stability and give you more freedom when performing Ollies. High truck size is perfect for tall people and professional riders.

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