Why Should I Get a Skateboard (11 Reasons)

You may have seen skaters on your campus. Your friends might be urging you to buy a skateboard, but you might be wondering why should I get a skateboard.

Skateboarding has so many benefits. The first thing about skateboards is that they are easy to ride, lightweight, and portable. Therefore, they are very good for transportation. Besides that, there are numerous health benefits too.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of getting a skateboard then keep on reading. I have answered all of your questions in this article. 

After reading this short but comprehensive article, I hope you will know why you should get a skateboard.

Why Should I Get A Skateboard (The Benefits of Skateboards)

Why Should I Get A Skateboard

1 Transportation

As discussed earlier, skateboards are very easy to ride and extremely portable. Having a skateboard around is like having your own transportation vehicle. It’s really fun to ride a skateboard, plus it’s useful. 

You can use it to get around town quickly without having to spend money on public transport. They’re also very affordable means of transportation.

2 Exercise And Health

If you plan on picking up your board then you are in for exercise and good health. Skateboarding is an excellent form of exercise. It’s a good way to stay fit. 

There are many people who have reported being able to lose weight after riding their skateboards regularly. It is also very healthy for your heart, making it the perfect cardiovascular workout.

3 Socialize With Others

Skateboarding can be a great socializing tool as well if you know how to ride a skateboard properly. You can meet new people by initiating a conversation with them while riding your board around. 

You can also use it as a platform for raising social awareness about events and issues going on around the world.

4 Improves Coordination

Riding a board is actually an excellent means of improving coordination between your two halves. Riding a skateboard requires immense concentration and focus. 

If you get good at it then you can use your board to get around town quickly and efficiently, saving money on public transport or walking long distances.

5 Have Fun With Your Family

Riding a skateboard with your friends is very fun, but also riding it with your family. Being able to ride a skateboard with your family members is an excellent way of creating memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

beautiful girls enjoying skateboarding

6 Helps You Confidently Confront Your Fears

If there is something that you’ve always wanted to try but never got the chance, then I would propose getting a skateboard and doing it.

For example, I always wanted to try surfing but was always too afraid to do it. Then one day my brother bought a skateboard and we started learning how to ride them together. 

We had so much fun learning and we even went on some small trips around the island we live in. Not only did I get over my fear of trying new things, but I overcame the fear of water as well.

Confronting your fears is an excellent way of keeping yourself busy and overcoming challenges in your life. Just don’t forget to have fun doing it!

7 Increases Your Creativity

When you start riding a skateboard, you will come up with a lot of tricks. Riding a skateboard has always inspired me to be more creative with my life in general. 

After spending some time riding them, you will start noticing that you are more open to trying new things and tackling challenges in your life. 

Riding a skateboard can be very addictive as well because it is constantly challenging your creativity and skill. You can also learn new tricks and try them out on the skateboard, progressively getting better at it over time.

8 Great Travel Companion

Riding a skateboard is an excellent means of traveling around town without having to take public transport or walk for hours on end. 

If you are someone who likes exercising, then riding your skateboard will be a great way to stay active and healthy. 

It also gives you a lot of time to reflect on life as well as clear your head from the day’s events.

9 They Are Very Affordable

Skateboards are extremely affordable. You can easily pick up a complete skateboard for under $50, or build your own from the ground up for less than $100. 

This is great if you are on a budget and want to enjoy some of the advantages I mentioned above.

10 Helps You Overcome Fear Of Failure

Many people who ride skateboards do so because it helps them overcome their fear of failure. If you cannot ride properly, then you will ultimately face some falls and obstacles. 

When you overcome these challenges, it helps you become more confident in your abilities and the challenges that life has to offer.

11 It’s Fun And Easy

Finally, riding a skateboard is just plain and simple fun. Grinding, kicking, and engaging in tricks will definitely bring hours of enjoyment to your life. 

So if you are someone who is looking for a hobby that is fun, entertaining, and will help improve your life then I would highly recommend getting yourself a skateboard today!

Doing an ollie on a skateboard

Last Minute Thoughts

In this article, I’ve mentioned some of the main benefits of riding a skateboard. If you are still thinking about why should I get a skateboard then I hope this article has helped convince you to go out and buy your very own skateboard.

You might be wondering how much do they cost? Well, you can pick up a complete skateboard for under $50 or build one from the ground up for less than $100.

It’s really an economical decision when you think about all the benefits that come from riding a skateboard.

I hope this article has helped you in your decision of why should you get a skateboard. It is definitely one of the best things to add to your list when wondering what kind of hobby would bring the most joy to your life.

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Thank you for reading!

Happy Skateboarding!!!

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